~Weekend Update~

Friday~ Early Spin. It was so long ago I forget exactly what I did.  I am pretty sure it was awesome so lets just leave it at that.   😉

Saturday~  12 miles.  This will be the 3rd weekend long run in a row that I have felt fantastic.  I still have no idea why.  It could be the weather ( not humid).  It could be my better eating habits during the week ( No Less Hot Tamales).  It could be my sports nutrition supplements. It might be a combination of all/any of those things and it might not be any of those things.  I wish I knew what it was so I could continue to keep it up FOREVA! Anyway, the 12 miles went well.  I ran those 12 with Andi.  She did 6 more with her husband.  Me thinks she is ready for the marathon.


Was it the Spark?? 🙂









Sunday~ OFF

And that is my weekend update.  I made it short cuz I am going to bed now.  Nighty night.

On tap for Monday– Something early in the morning.  Spin at 10 and Totally Toned at 12 noon.


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