Early Thursday Cardio

So I figured last night “new” set up might not work. If I post once a day or week, it could have potential.  Sometimes I post twice a day, sometimes twice a week……  so if I tried to start my post with the heading Mom I would tell you what my kids ate for breakfast today.  Nope.

I woke up early….as in 4:00 am.  Ok, make that 2:00 am because Miles came to tell me good night.  Ugh.  That kid!!!  I made my way to the Spartan Y for a kickboxing class.  I was happy to see a familiar face..the instructor!!  I knew I was in for a great class and it was.  45 minutes of heart pumping, kickboxing glory!  We ended class with a tough endurance arm session and abs.  I came home a did a quick upper body circuit of my own:

3 sets of 10:

Shoulder Press

Bent Over Rows

Triceps Extensions

Push ups

I did this before the house woke up and needed me! 🙂  I think next week after kickboxing ( yep, I will be back) I will stay and do my lifting at the gym.  Might as well!  I might do legs tomorrow, but Mandy pretty much killed my lower half in class with an obscene number of sumo squats and a killer kicking segment.

I had big plans to hit up the grocery store since we are out of food.  We only have bananas ( yuck) and the veggies are sparse, but the boy and I are still in PJ’s.  Well I am dressed in workout out clothes ( what else?).  He has sports class at 10:30 am so we might go grocery shopping after that.  Maybe.  I have BBQ chicken in the crock pot for dinner and I want to roast up a side of broccoli or cauliflower, but we are out so that trip to the store is necessary.  Dangit!


In other news:  I am the Featured Blogger at FITBLOGGER today. 🙂

On my agenda for the rest of the day:  sports class, shop, pick up kid from school, finish dinner, swim class, dinner….. good thing I have the day “off” today.   😉



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