Trying something new……

I was thinking that my posts are very much all over the dang place. Should I pretend to be organized or should I post up as my brain functions…all over the place???

Mom- I was lucky to be woken up again this early morning by Miles. Wake up time? 3:45 am. Reason? I’m still not sure. He at least whispers (Amara has not learned the proper early morning whisper yet). I think he asked for a hug. I obliged and off to bed he went. Sometimes I have no idea what he is thinking. I got some more points (Mom points..there is such a thing) today and stopped by McDonald’s and got the kids ( Matt too) some chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes I do this when the kids have been exceptionally well-behaved. Or when they don’t complain about something somebody made for dinner/lunch/breakfast. I don’t dare tell them that is the reason though or I they will expect something every time they keep their trap shut. ūüėČ ¬†Amara had her 2nd quiz of the 2nd grade today. ¬†She passed! ¬†She was a little nervous again and this time it was¬†because¬†she thought she was not prepared. ¬†She admitted not reading her book as¬†thoroughly¬†as she should have ( her reason was¬†because¬†it was not as interesting as Black Beauty….ha). ¬†I just let her know that next time she might not be as lucky and to read what she needs to read for school first. ¬†She is a bit upset that I only allow her 5 books ¬†at the library and not the 10 -15 she was allowed to check out during the summer. ¬†I am such a mean mom.

Yup, they're mine. ūüôā

Wife- None of your business! ¬† ūüėČ ¬†I did not make my husband dinner tonight. ¬†He is fishing all night. ¬†That is not a form of punishment. ¬†The kids and I still ate, ¬†they had turkey burgers and I had soup. ¬†This category is difficult. ¬†Matt and I played Words With Friends today ( I should have been thinking about what to make dinner..haha). ¬†He used all of his letters on the first word on the board and scored 79 points. ¬†His word was TIMECARD. ¬†He beat me 327 to 303 ( I made a comeback..kinda).
Fitness-¬† ¬† Tuesday– Kickboxing! ¬†It has been a minute since I did 40 minutes of continuous kickboxing in a class setting ( note to self: ¬†do it more). I had Healthy Bodies class at 12 noon. ¬†It was a lot of fun! ( they told me so!) ¬†We ended with all body weight exercises ( squats, lunges, planks, push ups, and lots more). ¬†Cardio Sculpt was at 4:15 PM. ¬†It was sort of¬†a¬†boot camp, circuit kind of class today. ¬†It involved burpees, stair runs, push ups, crab walks lunges and much more! ūüėČ They asked me if I was mad at them. ¬†Nope! ¬†I like to push this group because I know they can do it. ¬†And they did! ¬†Wednesday– I have not made any effort to get up at the crack of dawn this week so far. ¬†Spin at 10 am. ¬†Race day in spin class today. ¬†I cannot believe this month is almost over. ¬†I had a bigger class today (for a Wednesday). ¬†I had 15. I usually have less than 10- especially on a race day. ¬†I forgot on purpose to mention on Monday that today was going to be a race…ooops! ¬†Sorry, I’m not sorry. ¬†It was a hilly race today. ¬†My average HR for class today was 163. ¬†I had moments in the mid 170’s and I forgot to take some puffs off my inhaler. ¬†All is well. ¬†I did not gasp for breath. ¬†Well, I did but not in a scary I can’t breath kind of way, but in a I am working very hard kind of way. ¬†There’s a big¬†difference.

Life- ¬†I need to get one! ūüėČ Life is good. ¬†I really can’t complain. ¬†I might have some news ( good or bad?? ¬†Not sure..) on my vocal cord dysfunction. ¬†A good friend ( hello Nelly!!) gave me the number to somebody that might have some answers for me. ¬†I am hoping for the best, but really, I would just like a realistic¬†conclusion¬†so I can just run fast again move on! ¬†Wish me luck!


New set¬†up: ¬†yes/no- ¬†I have no opinion. ¬† ūüôā


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