Weekend Update and Beyond…….

Saturday~  12 miles in.  It was a pretty uneventful run, well except when Andi and I got run off the road by some idiot!  He came very close to hitting Andi.  We were on the side of the road where it should be semi-safe to run.  The old geezer dude had plenty of  room to avoid us.  We will never know if he swerved at us on purpose to be stupid or if he was texting, sleeping, or is just a horrible driver.  Either way, it was  scary!!  It was as if he snuck up on us ( quietly) and by the time we heard him he was right on our heels.  How is it that we could hear everything else that day – bikers, other runners and even squirrels??!?!  Well, we are both safe and sound, but not after yelling a few choice words at this guy!

The 12 miles may have gone even better than last weeks 11.5 for me.  I won’t question it, I will just go with it!  Andi had a milestone run too.  20 miles for her!!  She was going for 18.  (overachiever)…..   😉

Sunday~  OFF.  I ran out of time to get some exercise time in.  No big deal.

Monday~ I woke up at 4:45 am to hit the gym.  I hit the alarm OFF button instead and went back to sleep.   I am always tired, so tha twas not the issue.  My stomach was upset for some odd reason.  Back to bed for me.  It was still a bit weird when I got up at 7 am, but I did not have the luxury of going back to sleep.  Kids Duty calls!

Spin at 10.  I have a spin strength class that I like  a lot.  It’s called Calorie Burner because that’s what it does.  I always change something about it when I “redo” it.  Not that anyone notices.  I don’t think so anyway……..

Totally Toned at 12 noon.  A good full body workout for the class ( notice , I did not say for myself!)  I had hopes of getting in a short run later in the day, but decided to take Amara to the library and run some errands as well.  

Tuesday~  Up early- ish again.  I decided to do an at home workout at 6 am today.  Well, it turned out to be a bit more high impact then I thought.  High impact at 6 am = not good.  It’s not good because I might wake the rest of the house.  I lasted about 13 minutes before I knocked it off.  It was all core/abs and it was Jillian Michael’s.  I should have known better…   😉   Well, it did give me some ideas for the 2 cardio classes that I teach today, so I guess it wasn’t a total bust.   🙂

On tap for later today:  run?  Healthy Bodies and Cardio Sculpt.


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