Friday- Spin class!

Thursday night~Last night’s concert was tons of fun!  Even though we missed hearing Steve Moakler perform!  ;-(  We were too busy hanging out with friends and Andrew Ripp and his band at Founder’s.  So, it was not all that awful!  He put on an awesome show as usual and even sang a bit of Eminem’s Lose Yourself – very unexpected and very cool!  Oh, and we talked to Steve Moakler after the show and he remembered me us and we recorded him telling Amara “hi” on Matt’s phone.   🙂  It was a long night, but worth the pain of getting up at 7am ( waaaay  better than 4:25 am- I was able to find a spin sub!!)

Friday~It’s been a while since I have been able to be a Spin class participant!  I made my way to our newest YMCA location.  I love new gyms!  Everything is so, well…NEW!  I dropped Miles off at the Kid Zone.  I was afraid he would not be happy about this new place.  I was wrong.  I don’t even remember him saying goodbye to me.  Whatever, dude!         😉    The spin room is really nice!  I think I counted 25 bikes in all.  The bikes are all shiny new and the room still smells new and not like old stanky sweat.  The bikes are a lot different from the one I used at “my” Y.  It took some time for me to figure it out and I am still not sure it was completely correct.  The instructor was fun.  I loooved mostly every song she played and I want to ask her what a few of the tunes were.  I would love to try out other instructors as well, but today’s time worked well for me because I did not teach my normal 5:30am class.  Oh, something else…I met a blog reader.  She sat next to me in class today!  I was kind of shocked when she told me how she knew me!  Pretty cool!   🙂

After class I scooped up Miles.  He had a blast.  He was a hula hoop champion apparently.  He liked all the new friends and toys.  He even told me that he likes this gym better than mine!  The nerve……..   Hopefully we can go back soon.

I totally forgot about lifting weights today.  Ooops.  I think I will lay low on weights during the weeks that I teach M n M in the morning.  That means I will be back with consistent weight lifting for the next 2 weeks.  Yup.  I will.

On tap for Saturday: Long run.


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