Thursday- Low-key cardio and a winner!

Thursday~  Miles had his sports sampler class today at the gym.  he did great, well if I try to forget about the Duck, Duck, Goose game.  He hates to be chased and those fun screams turned into a not so fun scream, plus a stop, drop and roll.  Oh well.  The kid had some fun playing soccer though.  🙂

I came dressed in my workout clothes wait, I always have those clothes on!  I was able to hit the elliptical for a good 40 minutes .  There are a bunch of cardio machines placed right by the basketball courts ( where his class was held) for the players to warm up on or stay warm during games.  I think they are there for the parents watching their kids though.  I did a random interval work guided by heart rate and not time.  I was in the 140’s for most, with times in the 150’s and the last final push in the 160’s.  It was a nice and light cardio session.  Unlike yesterday.

I am pretty sore from yesterday’s Cardio Sculpt, so I used my brain for once and decided to hold off on the weights and perhaps lift some tomorrow instead.

Tonight after Amara’s swim class Matt and I are headed to a concert.  We have seen both performers already a few times.  The last time we tried to see one of them,  Miles chucked pizza all over my feet.  Hopefully, he won’t do that again..we were *this* close to getting out the door too!  😉

Steve Moakler and Andrew Ripp are performing at The Intersection.  We love $10 concerts!  We are big-time groupies fans and even coerced got Steve Moakler to sing Amara her favorite song and record it for her 2 years ago.  Amara’s first ( and 2nd) live concert was to see Andrew Ripp live- at a pizza place and a Christian College.  Not a bar in case you were wondering and preparing to judge us on our parenting….   😉


I couldn’t find the footage, but here is the song….

she always likes the songs that have to do with age.  She Loooves Taylor Swifts Never Grow Up

I may or may not have shed 1 tear listening to her ( amara) belt this song once while we were all in the car.   🙂

Anyway, I am looking forward to a date night with Matt and some good drinks music!

Congratulations to Valencia!!  Comment #47 chosen by Random Interger.  Please contact me by Monday to claim your Betty Tank!!



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