Not for the FAINT of heart……

Tuesday~ basically a day off.  I did teach 2 classes, but the first one was a fitness test day for the ladies participating in Healthy Bodies class.  I gave instructions and did not really move that much.  Cardio Sculpt was a 3-2-1 Circuit…..  3 minutes of Cardio ( circuit) 2 minutes of weights ( I did some..mostly demonstrated) and 1 minute core.  I demonstrated and observed. 😉  It was such a great day to get outside and run ride my bike.  I am kinda kicking myself for not taking advantage! I was going to post last night, but I was busy–watching The Biggest Loser.  Probably my favorite show to watch.  Even though Jillian is gone ( for now…I think she might come back?!? )  Anna Kournikova is the new trainer along with Dolvett Quince.  They are  both easy on the eyes, but I have a hard time accepting Miss K.  Maybe I will warm up to her this season.  Maybe not.  Who am I..who cares?!?!   🙂

Wednesday ~  Muscle and Movement at 6am.  I planned a good one think..  I think I scared them this morning.  I used the step.  I am not a good step instructor ( which I might have told them a few weeks back….)  Good thing we only did lunges and step – ups with it!  Oh, we did do a very tame Basic Right as an active recovery move! 😉 Even I can handle that.  We did lower body circuits first and then moved on to upper body for the last half of class.  Oh, I almost went down – yup almost fainted.  I was either pushing waaay to  hard or it was waaay too hot in that room. Maybe a combo of both or maybe I don’t even know what I am talking about.  It was slightly scary, as that has never happened in all the 13 (?) years I have been teaching.  I do remember once as a participant I almost went down.  That was probably 14 years ago though!  Stupid college freshman….     Anyway, I saw spots and experienced nausea for a good 60 seconds…I think I’m pregnant and hope I played it off and nobody noticed, but I had a job to do!  Haha…I finished class without further incident.  I was still feeling crummy on the way home and drove with the window open and my head hanging out like a dog  the whole way home.  I laid on the couch for about 10 minutes and the yucky feeling finally subsided.  Whew.

Where it all almost went down ( literally)

I was feeling good enough to teach Spin at 10 I guess.  I took it easy for about the first 10 minutes and then I figured I was OK to push it again.  So, I did.  It was  good interval class.  Speed.  Hills.  More speed and more hills.  There was an 8 minute hill and a 13 minute one.  I don’t think they seemed that long.  The class did a great job too.  I had a few new faces and 1 even said she would be back next week! 😉

Amara has picture day today.  I sure hope her hair behaves!  She really wanted to wear it down and BIG. We compromised.  It was partially down and partially big.  She seemed ok with what I created.  I always wanted boys so I wouldn’t have to do their hair.  Just  shave it off!

The kids and I might go downtown to see a few of the ArtPrize exhibits if the rain holds off .  They really enjoy this ( so do I).  I think it is putting G. Rap on the map! Pure Michigan baby!

On tap for tomorrow:  Something.  I have not decided yet.

Giveaway ends TONIGHT!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Not for the FAINT of heart……

  1. You crossed it off, but are you pregnant? That’s the only time I came close fainting while working out. (I’ve fainted a couple of other times, but for other reasons!)

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