Weekend Update + Monday

Weekend Update:  Saturday’s long run of 11.5 miles was a complete and utter success.  It has been a loooong time since I could confidently say that 🙂

I am not sure what got into Andi and I, but we did well.  Finally.  I had no breathing issues whatsoever.  I had no moments of needing to walk slow down either.  Weird.  In a totally good way.  I only hope I have a repeat of this weekend!

Sunday~  Off.  It was not really a planned off day, but sometimes plans just don’t go as planned!  The kids and I did walk a mile.  We went to watch and cheer at a race that ran near my hood.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a race too.  It made me kind of wish I had been running too.    Kind of.

Monday~  I am back to my shenanigans’.  I was up at 4:15 am today.  ( thanks Miles, for not waking me up today!!! )  I ran on the treadmill ( yuck) for 20 minutes which got me a little over 2 miles.   I then did Plyometric workout “A” again.  I made it through 3 rounds this time!!  It was tough, but maybe a little easier than last time?!?! In case you forgot:

10 Burpees

20 Jump Squats

30 Sumo Squats

40 split Jumps (20 per leg)

50 Pop Squats

After this I went back on the treadmill for a 12 minute interval.  2 minutes of running and 2 minutes of incline walking.  It was a nice little start to my day!  I was done and home before Amara and Miles ( Matt too…he never budged) even realized I was gone!

Spin at 10am~  I figured I would be pooped by the time class started, but I was ready to go.  I am sure I was all pumped up due to the high class the attendance.   Today’s class was in interval, but a bit different than I have done lately.  After the 5 minute warm up

5 minutes of endurance

5 minute hill climb

5 minute High Intensity Interval Training speed drills + a recovery

We repeated this again and at the end, I tacked on a 3 minute sprint interval.  

I think class was a HIIT. 😉   My music even cooperated.  Lately my MP3 player has been acting up, so I pretty much expected it to give me troubles today and it didn’t.  Hopefully today is a sign of the rest of the week.  ( that means that if you have bad news for me, save it for next week please- thanks).

In other news, Amara can ride a 2 wheeler w/o any help.  Woohoo!


On tap for Tuesday:  Early morning something, Healthy Bodies class and Cardio Sculpt class.

2 more days for the giveaway.   


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