**T.G.I.Friday** spin and plyos!

Friday~  Spin at 5:30 am!  I was up on and off from 2:30am (thanks Miles).  I repeated my Wednesday class ( shocker), but changed it up as usual.  It went over well with my big group of 15!  Woohoo!  Love to see those number s again at this time of morning.

After class I did another workout.  Yep.  That makes 3 for me this week. It was more of a lower body thing, but the push ups made it full body.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 😉 It was another installment from Fitness RX magazine.  It was plyometrics B.  I did A earlier this week.  I made it through 4 rounds of:

10 push ups

20 frog jumps

20 walking lunges

10 box jumps

20 sit ups

20 mountain climbers

10 wide squat high jumps

It took me about 16 minutes that includes the 1 minute rest between rounds.  I liked it.  It was easier than “A” for sure!  Haha.  Actually, I think my rest day yesterday was the culprit.  I felt refreshed and ready to work!     I am 75% sure I am done exercising for the day. Miles wants to play cars -again. 🙂  I will figure out another time to visit our newest YMCA.

On tap for Saturday:  Run


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