Off day for me, on day for the kids

Thursday- I had 2 chances to workout today and I did not take them. 🙂   Good!  I needed a day off.  I am still congested with allergies ( I think) and have been sneezing all day. And this will be my rest day for the week.

Miles started a Sports Sampler class today.  Over the 6 weeks they will do a new sport each week.  We almost did not go.  He was scared to tears of going.  He said it was because sports make you fall down and get hurt ( oh Lordy!) It took over an hour of convincing, but I told him that we would just go and watch ( thanks Matt for that idea-duh). I think I used reverse psychology.  I am just confused if it was Miles that used it on me or vice – versa.   Well, about 8 minutes into class he wanted to give it a try.  After class he asked if we could come back tomorrow!  Stinker. I wish I had video of him dribbling.  Hilarity.


I surprised Amara and kept her swim lessons a secret too. ( I knew it would NOT back fire on me as it did with Miles- she is my favorite daughter by the way) She was beyond excited when I broke the news to her.  She did great.  Next week I will be able to lift or do some light cardio during her 45 minute class or I will run around the indoor track during Miles’ class.  Or not.


So today was really a laid back day, even though the after-school stuff seemed very rushed.  I will get the hang of it soon.  And we had delicious grilled salmon caught by somebody in Matt’s family.  We have a freezer full.  Delicious!!

Today will be the last day of the 10 day cleanse.  We survived. 🙂

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On tap for tomorrow:  Early Spin for sure.  Maybe another spin at noon ( at the new Y), and maybe lifting some weights.  I am undecided.  It was a busy week for me and I hope today’s rest day actually got me all rested and stuff.   😉

Random question:  Do your kids drink juice?  How much?


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