Wednesday Workouts and a Giveaway

Wednesday~  Muscle and Movement at 6 am.   So I had a plan for class today and for some reason I did not follow through.  It was ok though, I don’t think they noticed! 😉  I wanted to do a 3-2-1 style class, but I was having so much fun I forgot to pay attention to the clock!  Ooops!  It all worked out.

Moving on to 10 am Spin.  I made up another 11 minute repeating  loop. These are fun to do and easy to come up with the 11 minute time scheme.  I was able to pay attention to the timer better this time.  I love the fall weather.  It brings in new faces and the summer outdoor people too.  I had a whopping 15 in class today, which is a good number for me at 10 am. The Spin bikes and room were cleaned yesterday ( the room smelled like Pine sol!) and the bikes were slightly rearranged.  Let’s just say the participants were  nice and cozy…the bikes were closer than they are used to!  Oh well, it’s nice to make friends that way.  I had comments ( good ones) about 2 of the songs I played today.  Remember Queens of the Stone Age?  No??  What?!?!  Such a great tune for a climb with changing tempos and all that good stuff.

Another song that got comments is my favorite song ( Miles’s too…although he likes about 4 on this CD as his favorite) on Foster The People’s new CD.

Foster the People ( you know the Pumped Up Kicks group)  have a song called Miss You. Matt and I did not think this was really our type of music and then we remembered that we don’t really  have a type.  Duh!  I usually like songs if they are spinnable ( that should be a real word).  Sad, but true.  This one worked like a charm.  Flat road with some surges and a few short climbs.  This is one of those songs that I wish were at least 30 seconds longer…it just kind of ends and it seems like it’s a mistake it ends so abruptly!  Have a listen!

So that was my day.   🙂    So far……..

I have a giveaway!  The great people at 4all by Jofit have offered to giveaway an item from their newest line called the Cabo Collection.  It won’t even be released until tomorrow!  Woohhoo!!  There were so many great items to choose from, but I selected one that I know you will love.  It’s purple so it has to be awesome!  It’s the Betty Tennis Tank.  I love the pattern!!

The 4all Betty Tank made with moisture-wicking, quick dry Jo-Dry Jersey is the perfect addition to your workout. Wide shoulder straps provide maximum support and a black band under the bust highlights the waist. The purple, blue and black shades of the Cabo Print are perfect for transitioning into fall!

Easy to enter:  

~ Who are you trying to win the Betty Tank for ( 1 entry)

~ What is your favorite fall activity? ( 1 entry)

~”Like” my FB page ( 1 entry)

~What song are you loving right now? ( 1 entry)

~Share this giveaway on any social media and leave me the link ( 1 entry per day)


Please separate each comment.  If you try to win 5 times, you should make 5 separate comments on this blog ( not my FB page).  Thanks!  🙂  Unless you want Holly C. to win it all again!!   😉

This giveaway will end Sept. 21 at 9 pm (EST)


On tap for Thursday:  Taking it easy.  Probably.    😉


58 thoughts on “Wednesday Workouts and a Giveaway

  1. Favorite fall activity would be RUNNING! It’s the most awesome time of the year to run with perfect temps and the fall colors 🙂

  2. A friend copied a CD for me called “Lullabadeer” by Sam Winch and I am in love with the entire thing. The song “I Got Some Moves” is FABULOUS and I found out it was actually on Grey’s Anatomy way back on Season 2.

  3. I love purple! It’s my favorite color! I teach 6-10 classes a week so I can always use more workout tops! My favorite fall activity would have to watching football! Go Blue! For my spin class…I really am enjoying End of Time-Beyonce as a wrap up song in spinning.

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