Tuesday- Part II

Healthy Minds-Healthy Bodies – 12 noon today. I think this will be my 4th time teaching this class. The first 2 times; well, let;s not talk about that! The 3rd time was the best class! I later found out the my first 2 attempts at this group were made to take the class. That explained a lot. The 3rd and current session are all there on their own free will!! It was more of a Getting to Know You session today. I have the ladies for an hour and then they go to a nutrition type class for an hour. Today we talked about my expectations and theirs as well. These girls are ready to work! After I gave them the tour of the gym and our discussion was over, we had a good 20 minutes left to get some activity in. After a warm up we did a short cardio kickboxing routine to get their hearts pumpin’! It was fun! I love new groups. We also got a chance to try out the spin bikes ( my specialty). They were 50/50 on this..I think it was more difficult than they thought. I was sure to let them know to go at their own level. We were in the spin room for about 10 minutes. Overall it was a great first meeting.
Cardio Sculpt at 4:15 pm. So I am hurtin’ ( in a good way) by now. My legs are sore! But, whatever. I had work to do!!
After the warm up today, we did a quick exercise band circuit
Bicep Curls
Step Touch

After the 3 sets we did a super set combo with the tubes. 3 different seated row exercises. Owwww!
Then the fun started. We partnered up. 1 group hit the stairs while their partners performed exercises in the room. After the partner returned they switched duties.
Walking Lunges, Plank, Wall sit and bicycle crunches were the exercises done while the other was running the stairs. The faster you do the stairs the less time your partner is tortured working!  We continued on with the partner drills……  punching.  Don’t worry it’s a non-contact class! Although my partner looked like she was out to kill…… We took turns punching the stability ball while the partner held on for dear life.  Each partner did this 3 times for 30-45 seconds at a time.  That was it for the partner stuff!   I think they enjoyed it! 🙂

We moved on to a super set of exercises.   Using the stability ball we performed chest flyes, Triceps extensions and Chest Press.  10 reps of each.  Between the 3 sets I had them do 20 pelvic lifts on the ball.   We ended with abs on the ball.  Weighted crunches and various planks on the ball. Oh, I threw in some more hips stuff for a time filler, and because us gals love to work them hips! 😉

Although I felt like a walking zombie at times today, it was a good day.

On tap for Wednesday:  Muscle and Movement and Spin.

I have been trying to work PiYo back in my life, but Miles misses his nap on Monday and Tuesday because I work during his nap.  So Wednesday will have to be his nap day for the week. He needs it!


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