A (painfully) good start to my week……

Turns out I missed a good game on Saturday night. It’s nothing I did not see on Sunday on ESPN 20 times anyway. ANd they only show the “good” parts.  🙂   Go Blue!  It was nice to go to bed early on a Saturday night though.  I guess.

Sunday~  We all went o the gym.  I was not feeling riding the bike outside today for some odd reason.   I did a very low-key interval workout on the elliptical for about 45 minutes.  That was it.  A nice recovery day.  Later on Matt and I went to the mall.  We used to go every Friday as a family just for something to do.   We never bought anything, well, maybe a soft pretzel or Dairy Queen!  Well today we decided to be crazy and go jean shopping- for ME!  Ugh.  This is always good news and bad news.  My jean history.   In a nutshell I can’t find jeans that fit right.  That actually look nice.  Jeans that I actually love to put on.  I just settle for jeans that are not too tight or too baggy.  Because of my athletic build ( read: bigger bootay, thighs and smaller waist)  I have problems.  I can get a smaller size and risk being uncomfortable in skinny jeans that were not meant to be skinny – But, the waist would fit and not gap.  Or, I can buy a bigger size with ample room for my legs, but have the waist 1-2 sizes too large.  Yes, I am awesome that way.  So annoying.  I compromise and get cheap jeans and deal with it.   So after years of wearing jeans and not really liking any of them, my sis in law gave me a hand me down pair.   😉   I figured it would be the same old story, but no!!  They fit.  They fit well.  Long story short — I wore the hell out of them.  Holes in the legs, knees and other places too.  I know it’s the “in” thing -even for us moms, but I need to close some of those holes in other places if ya know what I mean.  Ok, I will cut to the chase.  I found the same jeans!  It was the last store we looked in, but we were trying not to spend a lot of money.  I have NEVER spent this much on jeans and they were even 40% off!  Haha!  They are not the exact wash ( color) I wanted, but they are nice jeans and they FIT !  It’s the little things….

Monday~ I was up early today.  I know I had plans last week to follow my new workout plan, but I forgot I needed to see how well it would work with my ( Amara’s schedule).  And, low and behold..it would not work.  So I am tweaking stuff this week.  I have to be home by 7am to make sure she is up and dressed etc.  The yoga I really wanted to take at the Y ends at 7am.   😦    I would be late.

So today’s workout was a lower body plyometric type thing.  It was painful to say the least.  I was supposed to go through the circuit 5 times.  Ummm, nope.  No today my friends!  I did it twice, with a 60 seconds between rounds.  Next time it will be 3 and so on until I get to 5.  It might take me 5 weeks, but whatever!

Here’s what I did:  

15 minute easy run on treadmill.  About a 10 minute pace for the warm up.  The workout called for 30 minutes, but I started later than planned so I just cut it in half.

10 Burpees

20 Jump Squats

30 Sumo Squats

40 split Jumps (20 per leg)

50 Pop Squats

My workout for the day in my trusty notebook

Treadmill incline walk for about 10 minutes

Abs/Core/Back – 5 minutes

Courtesy of Fitness RX.  I have had issues with this magazine, but lately I am loving the variety and many of the articles as well.  There are more workouts from this magazine to come!

After all this nonsense  😉   I came home to get the girl ready and then Miles and myself ready for the gym.  Spin at 10.   Intervals today.  Loong intervals with short recoveries was on the table today.  I had some new faces today too!  ( Hello Anne!   🙂      ) That is always great to see.  I think class went well.

I signed the kids up for some fall sports.  Swimming again for Amara and NOT for Miles.  I don’t think I am he is ready for that again (yet).  He will try his luck at sports sampler.  He will try out lots of things ( no swimming I hope… ) in this class.  I hope he can stand being away from me for 30 minutes.  I know I am great and all, but come on kid!   😉

Totally Toned was at 12 noon. I sat and told them what to do.   🙂   I made sure their lower bodies were punished just as mine was earlier.   I’m fair like that.

I teach 2 classes tomorrow, possibly 3.  If I don’t teach 3, then I hope to get up early again and do something at the gym.  Today I murdered my lower body, so we will see what I can actually do tomorrow.  Walking would be a great start.

On tap for Tuesday:  Spin?  Run?  Teach Healthy Bodies class and teach Cardio Sculpt.





4 thoughts on “A (painfully) good start to my week……

  1. if you guys have a banana outlet close by, they always have those jeans there a lot cheaper and normally with the 40% off or more. i had the same problem with holes in certain areas and got the same pair again too!

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