Q and A: What do YOUR kids eat Marcia?

I get this question a lot.  There is no special or easy answer to this. It’s actually a bit hard to answer if you want to know the truth!  While Matt and I try to lead by example, we also try to make the best food decisions for our children.  We strive to teach them what we believe to be balanced and healthy eating habits. I think we were both lucky growing up.  Matt grew up eating foods straight from the garden.  In fact, when he and I started dating ( 15 years ago?)  he was timid scared leery about eating the canned green beans I was making for dinner.  He was 19 years old and claimed to have never had a canned vegetable before.  I was not sure to believe him until his older brother visited and turned his nose up at my canned corn and asked Matt, ” Is it good???”  Oh boy.  While my dad did keep a nice garden, we also ate canned foods!  I did grow up eating home cooked meals most days of the week.  My dad taught me how to rinse fat off of meats, rinse the canned veggies to remove excess salt and about eating healthy in general. He knew the basics about nutrition ( probably a bit more than other parents did then..maybe, I don’t know) and passed them on to me ( my brothers too) as well. I know that our families also ate not so well on occasion. Moderation was always the key. So that is a bit or our history.

Matt and I both love food.  I think Matt likes to cook more than I do though.  He is known for using one or 2 pots.  Me, on the other hand, well, I use like 8.  I hate to clean them though, so I just don’t cook that often. 😉   We think we have passed on our good habits to our kids.  I wish I could say we have a bountiful garden full of freshness, but we don’t.  We do have the PERFECT space for a garden.  It’s huge.  It’s what I refer to as the Weed Garden though.  Oh well, maybe someday it will actually grow something!

Anyways…our kids can eat them some food!  I asked Miles his favorite breakfast.  He told me ( in no particular order):  Grapes, blueberries, strawberries, apples and pineapple. 🙂   He also enjoys yogurt ( YoKids and Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt), Vans Waffles, Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon, organic applesauce and organic cold cereals and Quaker Oatmeal.  Amara eats all the same things for breakfasts minus the Greek Yogurt.  She is a YoKids kinda gal.

Lunches are typically , PB and J ( natural PB and either natural jam or organic jam), a veggie ( carrots, green beans or roasted kale ).

Dinner.  I asked Miles his fave dinner too.  His answer:  Green beans, carrots, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower.   Seriously.  The kid is craaaazy!  Amara’s answer was enchilada’s!   😉  We try to have a protein, carb and veggie for every dinner.  Proteins will be fish, chicken, ground turkey or chicken, turkey burgers, Xtra lean ground beef or venison.  Carbs are usually brown rice, couscous, risotto, lentils, whole wheat pasta and beans.   Veggies were already mentioned plus sweet potatoes.  We rarely do white potatoes.  And let me tell you why…  Matt has rheumatoid arthritis and “white” foods seem to make it worse.  He has mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and pays for it the next day!  I do occasionally make actual meals though..it’s not just a protein, carb and veggie plopped on a plate.  It’s easier now too since Miles is out of his phase of PB and J for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( pick your battles parents)   😉   As we do try to limit the high fructose corn syrup in our house, it’s hard to do when I make BBQ chicken in the crock-pot.  Yes, Sweet Baby Ray’s first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup.  That might actually be the only item in our house that we consciously know has that in it.  Some things just can’t be compromised! 🙂

Yum Yum! 🙂

Snacks.  We don’t do snacks.   Just kidding.  We LOVE snacks.   Besides the usual suspects of fruit, veggies and hummus;  the kids have a lot of snacks.  Behold!  ( This is just a glimpse….)

Snack Attack









Most of their snacks are packaged ( oh, the horror)  Most of those are either natural or organic, so that makes us both feel a lot better with the choices we make.   It’s a good balance I think.   We do have fast food.  We try to limit it to once a week.  It’s usually pizza.   Both kids do not care for fast food kids meals.  It’s usually wasted money.   Miles just wants the toy.   It’s rare that Amara orders off the kid’s meal these days — Lobster Mac N Cheese ( yes please).  Italian Club sandwich (hold the tomatoes and can I get that on flat bread please??) I buy  ( Organic brand) Mac n Cheese 3 times a year at the most and Miles just started liking it this year.  We  go out for ice cream we Matt makes cookies at home and we like love Skittles.  We try not to be food nazis, or make the kids afraid of food.  We just try to educate and let them try lots of stuff.  Even the “bad” stuff.  They want to like it because so -and so-had it before, but after a few bites they realize that it tastes like crap ( and that mom and dad are always right)!  Lesson learned.   We just try to teach moderation to the little people and hope that they pay attention!   I feel as if I went on a tangent here.  So congratulations if you actually read this whole thing! 🙂


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