Laid back Saturday…. ( Go Blue!)

Saturday~ I am soo over running. I hate to say that. It’s probably only 57% true anyway. I think I am over trying to fight my way (while being frustrated)through training for something. So, the best thing to do is not really train for anything, just run. With that being said; I woke up and ran a nice 10 miles. It seems so stupid funny to think that is all I ran. Ha.  10 miles is far the last time I checked!   It felt mostly alright.  The weather was nice and crisp. My hands were 78% frozen.  I was still sweating like a maniac, but I was not melting as usual.  Andi and I opted out from running the Run Gr course again.  It was full of those pesky hills.  Who needs em?!?!  Not me.  ( the hills, not my friends in Run GR).  We kept a nice steady pace for most of the 10 miles and even pulled out an UNDER 10 minute mile for the last one.   😉 No breathing issues for me today either SCORE!   Andi and her husband met up after  our 10, and continued to run 6 more.  I came home and promptly laid on the couch.  I waited for sleep to pay a visit, but it never did.  So,  I did something productive.  I played Words With Friends on Facebook with my sister in law.  What did you think I was going to say..that I cleaned up the tornado of a kitchen?  Nope.  Not yet.

The kids and Matt left for his parents house last night and will be home by 8pm today.  Just in time for the U of M football game.  I guess they play Notre Dame.  ( who cares).  So, it looks like another fun filled night for this chick ( insert sarcasm).  I try to sit and watch the foos – ball games, but my eyes get really tired. I would rather be in the stadium anyday.  With lots and lots of adult beverages.  That always makes the game more tolerable. Always.  Wait.  That was college.  I don’t think I watched much of the games unless they were a nail biter– which usually happened during the last inning.  😉    I should probably go shower ( yep, I am disgusting) and maybe clean the kitchen.  I have sooo much fun when the family is gone.  It’s like a non – stop party up in here!   😉

What movie is this quote from?

Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin’ each other… ‘Member when dat man wanted you to play foos-ball, Bobby?


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