How hard are you REALLY working??? Huh? Huh? HUH?!??!

Thursday~  OFF!  2 times this week.  Ahhhh! My hacking cough is getting a lot better at least.

Friday~  Early morning spin.  My regulars are slowly trickling back into class.  Summer really is just about over ( Yahooo!) I repeated Wednesday’s strength interval class.  I did the exact same class, but I worked a lot harder this morning!  I have proof!  Blurry proof, but still.  I do cool down, but always stop my watch right as that portion of class starts.  Always have, always will.   😉

Exhibit A

Exhibit B











I always praise the use of heart rate monitors.  I am such a numbers person.  I am not even talking about the calorie burn either ( even though I think that’s a significant difference), but rather the actual heart rate average.  It was pretty elevated the 2nd time around (today’s class).  I had moments in the 170’s for a quick few seconds too.  I actually feel slightly lost without my heart rate monitor on.  Most of my cardio workouts have a purpose so when I can’t see how hard I am working it seems pointless.  Dumb?  Maybe to some, but not to me.  And I am always right.  Don’t ever forget it.   🙂

I mentioned that I was doing AdvoCares 24 day challenge.  I am on day 4!  Only 20 to go….   😉  It’s going well so far.

Question: How hard are you really working??  Do you use a HR monitor?

On tap for Saturday:  Run.


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