Wednesday-spinning and 4all Review!

Wednesday~  School is back in session!  The power is back on and Amara could not have been more excited this morning.

Officially a 2nd grader! 🙂

Spin at 10!  I reformatted my Monday class that never was.  I shortened the length and rearranged the music for a challenging power strength interval class.   I still feel like crud.  Not sure what the deal is, but it stinks.  I hate feeling sick.  I wonder why people say that??  Who says  I love being sick?   Sickos do.   I made it through spin without any coughing fits, but soon after I was pretty much hacking up a lung.  Practically.

I was sent a new top from 4all a few weeks ago.  It has not been cool enough to wear,but luckily Monday was one of the first cooler days we had in a long time!  I could try out my new top- the Windsor 3/4 Sleeve Mock!  The story behind this choice.  Amara picked it!  I had several other items to choose from.  Capris, pants, tanks etc.  In my mind I choose a tank top, but I asked Amara her opinion and she too, choose one of the tank tops.  I was surprised.  I asked her why she picked the tank and she said she knew I would like it ( smart girl).  I told her to pretend the item was for her and she choose this in a heartbeat.  To be honest, this was not in my top 3 choices.  I did not think it was my style at all.  Needless to say, Amara has an eye for fashion.  I love the top!!!  I wore it with jeans and probably will wear it as a casual top only.  It’s too pretty to get sweaty in!!  It has a snug fit, but not too tight.  I also love the length.

excuse the face and hair...cute top!

From the site:  Our mock neck collar is fast becoming our most popular detail. It’s universally flattering and functional. And on this 4all Pleated Golf Mock, it looks great both zipped up for chilly days or unzipped to show off your neckline (and the contrast colored fabric inside the collar). The pleating at the zipper will compliment your curves while the ¾ sleeve provides coverage with mobility.Jo-Dry jersey fabric keeps you comfortable all day long and our shaped hem and waist leave you free to move your best. Features a pretty floral spot print at the side.

Check out the site and the Winsdor Collection   I love the raisin/straw color combo!

The rest of my day includes getting Amara from school, listening to her tell about her day until my eyes cross I have to see a client.   🙂

On tap for Thursday:  I have no idea.   🙂


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