Weekend Update: My first bike crash (don’t worry, she’s OK)

So much to do so little time……

Quick update as it is 4:38 am and I want to leave for the gym soon!   🙂

Friday- I had 2 spin classes that day, which turned into 1.  I was double booked ( I am sooo popular).  As much as I would love to be in 2 places at once  ( how cool would that be?!?!)  I had to find a sub for the spin class I was subbing, so I could teach Totally Toned.  It all worked out, and all is well.

Saturday-  3rd times a charm!  Andi and I made a successful attempt at 14 miles for the 3rd time.  It was a slow one, but the point is- we did it! (finally).  We are quite the pair us two.  She has a ornery hip that tells her to just say no to hills  ( so does her chiropractor) and my lungs/vocal cord carp tells me the same..so we walk the hills without a second thought.  It’s kind of funny.  Sort of.   😉  We almost got swept away in a windy storm.  Thank goodness it only lasted 10 minutes, but it was crazy.  One minute the sun was out and then next – it wasn’t.

Sunday– I had my first fall on the bike!   😦  Without telling the whole long story…. a family felt really bad about taking a family picture on top of a hill bridge today.   I wiped out!  There were some words exchanged because they made a bad choice, but in the end they felt like chumps, which made me feel better bad.  I am OK ( and so is my precious bike so far), but luckily I had on my helmet!  🙂  Matt and I made it 12.25 miles that day!  Besides that it was a good run even though my legs were lead and I got a splinter.   😉

Monday–  Off.  It was not an off day.  I was all ready to go and teach my 60 minute power spin.  Well, the Y’s power went out so I never even made it out the door!  I was all dressed and ready to go!  Oh well. I probably needed the day off anyway!

I have to get to the gym.  It’s Amara’s first day of school so I must be here before her alarm goes off at 7:00 am!


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