Thursday Run and Chat……Insert foot in mouth!

Thursday~ What a long hot day! I was nice enough to get up early to run with Andi the birthday girl! I need the practice of getting up early everyday anyway, right!??! Yep. We set off to run at least 6. I am not sure how many of those 6 we actually least 5 or more! We prolonged the run into a walk so we could chit – chat! Nothing wrong with that. I think we both needed it!   🙂   So I figured out why my knees have been cranky lately.  I bought my shoes at the end of April.  Oops!  I hope to get new ones tomorrow or I will be in some trouble on Saturday with a long run.  I love getting new shoes.  I hate spending the $$ though.  I love when my knees don’t yell at me though.    Love always wins……   😉

The kids and I ran errands today.   The kids played outside while I watched from my house that was in the upper 80’s ( inside) .  It’s in the 90’s again (outside).  Boooo!  I rather enjoy the cooler temperatures.  Upper 90’s for the next 2 days in a row I think.  I think I might have to start my long run at 4 am on Saturday to avoid the hotness.

I am still my kids servant today.  What gives??!  At least I put Miles to bed 30 minutes early.  He had some whiney issues.  He also had an issue with throwing a Hot Wheelz at Amara- it hit her in the head.  I don’t think he meant to hit her, but I think he threw the car out of anger.  Not acceptable buddy.  Off with your head to bed you go!  The thing is, he did not protest.  He was genuinely  sorry.  He looked so pitiful  sad too.  I still gave him the candy I promised him.  But after that, right to bed Mister!   Amara thought she was hot stuff staying up “late” ha.

Can't resist those dimples...actually, I usually can. I'm used to them by now!

Amara and I go grocery shopping every Sunday now.  I remember as a kid that I used to go with my dad.  Not my brothers.  Me!  We used to get ice cream every time too.  Score! I would ALWAYS get mint chocolate chip without fail.  Amara and I go too early for ice cream, but I do let her pick out a special treat that we open ( and share-duh, in the car on the way home).  A few weeks ago  while shopping she says to me, ” I love grocery shopping with you momma, you know why??”  I told her I knew why, but would tell her after she told me….. I, being super smart KNEW why.  She loved that she got a special treat.   She says, ” I love that you and I get to spend time together, just us for a little while.”   Oooops.  Stupid mommma.   She tried to get me to tell her what I thought she was going to say.  I think I just changed the subject.   Told ya I was smart.  Love that kid!

On tap for Friday: Spin classes AM and PM!!!      🙂


Her "fly" earrings


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