*Wednesday* Spin*Open House*Maid*

Is it Friday yet?!?! I keep thinking today is Thursday for some reason. It’s not. Thursday is tomorrow in case you forgot too.
Spin at 10 am. Today being the last Wednesday of the month – was a race day. We did 3 loops of the same course. Each loop was harder than the last. Woah! It was a good one if I do say so myself. I might teach it again this Friday. Maybe.
That was all I did today for exercise. I hope to start PiYo up again next Wednesday though. My body misses that. I also came up with a tentative schedule that will start next week as well. Here it is!

Spin (instruct)
Totally Toned (instruct)

Healthy Bodies ( instruct)
Cardio Sculpt (instruct)

M n M ( instruct 2x month)
Pilates ( on the other 2x month)
Spin ( instruct)
PiYo ( if I miss pilates OR if my sch. changes)

Run and/or

Spin (instruction)

Long run

bike ride

So there ya have it. We will see what happens! I am hoping to get into a better routine since Amara will be in school starting next week. I will be trying my best to get up early like I used to in the old days. That means I have to be sleeping before 11 pm. That might be a problem, but I will try. I miss my 5 am peeps at the gym.

Amara had her 2nd grade open house tonight. For some reason this did not affect me as much as when she started 1st grade. That was just weird. Maybe it was the transition from half days to full days. I must be used to her having full days now. Her new teacher Mrs. Flynn seems very nice. She already knows Amara and gave her the warmest welcome with a huge hug. Amara is a hugger ( its her Italian side coming out). She has a lot of old friends in class again. And lots of new friends to make. 🙂 One thing she is not so excited about is her weekly spelling test!!! I hated those too. I hated all tests, even from a young age. They gave me anxiety. I am thinking she might have gotten that from me. Awesome. She will do great though. I am excited to see how she grows this year as a 2nd grader.
Today for some reason I felt like my kids personal maid and servant. I am not sure if it was more than usual, but I was on my feet getting this, opening that, looking what I can do, wiping butts and noses, filling this up and who knows what else. For some reason I am being totally patient about it too. I am doing almost everything they tell ask me to do. All I can say is they better not get used to this. I still must be a little off today! 😉




On tap for Thursday:  Running


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