Feeling a bit “Off”

Happier running days!! Sprinting to the finish with a Boston Qualifying time in 2009. It seems soooo long ago!! 🙂

I took the entire weekend off from organized exercise. Yup. 2 whole days in a row. I know…unbelievable. Yet, I did not explode, implode or gain an ounce ( probably not anyway..I did not actually check). The thing is, and I have mentioned this before…sometimes I come back stronger. Sometimes I don’t. Rewind to the weekend. I woke up both days feeling sore and tired and exhausted. Same thing on Monday.
I planned on running or lifting Monday morning, but changed my mind as soon as my eyes snapped open at 5am. Back to bed I went. I definitely needed that extra 2 hours of sleep.
Monday’s spin class was good. I was tired, but I had some energy to push though and make it a tough class for myself. Shout out to Andi G. for coming to my class! It’s been a while…but she had the morning “off”.   🙂
I thought I might be able to lift or get a short run in after class or maybe later in the day, but nope. I was too tired!

Which might explain why I am still in my pajama’s at 1:45 pm on Tuesday (today). I knew there was no way I was getting up early to run today. I have to teach Cardio Sculpt in a few hours. I just got through planning that class. I hope I make it. I also have running club after that, but honestly don’t think I will go. I am just not feeling it. I don’t think I am so much as burned out on running ( seeing as I don’t run enough to be burned out). I think I am discouraged more that I thought. Woe is me. I know, I know. I am trying to get over it. I love to run. I love to compete. I love to run fast. I feel I can’t do either well these days and as much as I have put on a brave face and sucked it up and blah- blah-blah, it sucks. I am dealing.
Onward and upward!   😉

The end of summer is upon us.. 😦   So sad. But the good news is, it’s almost fall!! My favorite season! And I can wear jeans everyday and not get strange looks!! I can ear hoodies with abandon. I would still rock the flippy floppies but my favorite 2 pair broke. I won’t be a sweaty beast with the thought of steeping outdoors.
I will be starting the 24 Day Challenge on Sept. 6th. I have a few more people on my “team” as well. I find it more motivating with a support system….. the summer was awesome ( ice cream, fudge, Twisted Rooster get the fish tacos… OH MY! ) Thank goodness for being an endurance athlete or this could have gone much worse. But, I am ready to get things back on track with some sort of structure. That is where the 24 Day Challenge comes into play. Here is the deal challenge update, here, — Take a look HERE as well.  If you have any questions please drop me a line MomWifeFitnessLife@gmail.com
It’s a great way to get energy, cleanse your body of toxins and lose a few pounds along the way. This is NOT a crash diet! It’s sports nutrition at it’s finest. Would Drew Brees use and endorse these products if they weren’t good?!!? Nope…It is designed to help you lose weight through proper nutrition and exercise. Not only will you lose weight during the 24 Day Challenge, but you will also learn a healthy lifestyle to help you keep the weight off. Nothing wrong with that!  I was a skeptic at first, but because I trusted the friend that introduced me to AdvoCare I gave it a try, and I have not looked back!

School starts on Sept. 7th!!  Amara is ready!  I am ready!!  Miles is not ready.  : (  He told her yesterday that he will miss her a lot when she is gone.  Our days won’t change much besides going to get her from school.  He will soon be in school ( don’t even want to think about that yet) and then what am I going to do?!?!  Stay in my PJ’s all day?!?!  Wait, I already do that……

On tap for Wednesday: Spin. Amara’s 2nd grade Open House (Yikes) Maybe something else….we shall see!!! 🙂

* Are you glad summer is coming to an end? What’s your favorite season?
* Do you find that you indulge more during the summer or less?


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