TGIF?? Where did the week go???

Holy crap! Is it Friday already?!?!? yea, well……I was busy! ūüėČ I was up early everyday this week….. Between 4:30 and 5:00 am everyday. This is not normal for me anymore. Many moons ago ( after Amara was born) I was up everyday at the gym by 5:15 am. Not so much these days.
Here’s the lowdown this week.
Tuesday: speedyish run (6 miles total…) ( I like to make up my own words. Hot yoga and Cardio sculpt instruction. Now do you see why I did not blog?!?! I was too dang tired. ( **note to self. Do not do 2 hot yoga classes than 24 hours apart. You are a bad-ass, but not that bad-ass. I can admit it. That ish hurt. We also babysat my niece Sophie. I am not her favorite person in the whole world ( I am just as shocked as you…). I will grow on her!!!!

Wednesday: Muscle and Movement instruction. Spin at 10. I taught a strength class. It was a pretty simple straight forward ride, but hard. Short version– 4 min. climb….1 min. flat tough road, 6 minute climb..1 min. flat tough road, 8 minute road etc. ended with a 10 minute climb and a 1 min. tough flat. Whew.

Thursday: 6 mile run with Andi. That is all. What a slacker I am. ūüėČ Sophie came over again to hang out. She let me hold her for over 10 minutes. Told ya she would get used to me!!! ¬† ¬† ūüôā

Miles,Sophie and Amara

Friday: Spin at 5:30am. I (re)¬†taught a profile called Calorie Burner. It was sort of requested. ¬†Someone in class had a nice breakfast at IHOP. ¬†I am guessing they did some¬†damage¬†to some pancakes. ¬† I always change it up a little bit and always do a new playlist. Nobody even knows it was a repeat class; well, until I tell them at the end. It’s always a hit. It was another strength class, but different from Wednesday’s. Hot yoga. Today was my most difficult day in hot yoga ever. I am not sure why, but I think it had something to do with not really concentrating. My mind wandered a lot. I was not in the moment as they say. I am a believer of the hockiness now. I did child’s post a lot today. It was weird, but it was what I had to do. I probably would have fainted or something..really. It was weird. ¬†They say that hot yoga is a detox and brings up all the bad stuff. ¬†It most¬†definitely¬†did today.

So, as you can see I was crazy busy this week. I did not have energy or reason time to lift this week. ¬† ¬†Hot yoga was my weight training this week. ¬†I probably did at least 97 ¬†Chaturanga’s on Tuesday alone. ¬†For realz yo. ¬†My triceps were on fire. ¬† I won’t be running long on Saturday. ¬† Matt’s “fishing¬†wife” Jake is back visiting from Colorado. ¬†And because Matt laid down the law I am nice, I will skip another long run. ¬†And the Mud Run. ¬†I am more bummed about that one! ¬† ¬† ūüė¶ ¬† ¬† Oh well, life will end go on. ¬† Except that the marathon is 7 weeks from now and my longest run was almost 14 miles. ¬†Ruh- roh. ¬† Marathons hurt. ¬†I think it might hurt worse if I can only get it almost 20 miles before the big day. ¬†I have some thinking to do.

On tap for Saturday:  No idea.  


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