The 14 miler that almost was. Sunday bike ride and getting Funky on Monday.

It’s been a while. I am just experiencing writer’s block enjoying the end of summer!
Saturday~ Andi and I attempted a 14 mile run. I made it 13.5 Good enough. The old Marcia would have never stopped at 13.5 As if. Well the new one did. And she is lucky really glad she made it that far! I have defiantly had worse runs than this one. This is probably the most difficult route we do. It’s hill after hill after HILL.  Who knew West Michigan was so dang hilly?!! Andi and I plan on tackling the big 14 again this Thursday.  Yep, WE CRAZY LIKE THAT!!!  This time it will be on our route.  Word.  It will be a confidence builder.  It better be.  We are meeting at 5:30 in the morning to get it done.  I was pretty sore duringafter the almost 14- miler.  As expected right?!?!  That’s all I did Saturday for exercise.  I did hobble around the rest of the day though.  I made it to the bookstore and purchased the latest Oxygen Magazine,  and then to dinner with family.  I only ate half of my delicious wrap, and very little of the appetizers  because I was saving room for dessert ( priorities people).  Well, nobody got dessert.  The rest of the amateurs only ate half of their entrée’s because they were full.  ( eye roll).

I attend Camp Savage and Lori Harder ( middle) was the surprise guest. Everyone was in awe of her awesome booty. For is insane as far as butts go. 🙂

She is beautiful..inside and out. AND she is from Marquette MI.



Sunday~  Matt and I went on a bike ride.  Our first time out together on bikes since before Amara was born.  She’s 7 if you did not know.  We went about 8.5 miles.  It was fun!  The weather was almost perfect.  Sunday was my day off, but I jumped at the chance to get on my bike.  Oh, and hang with my husband without kids!

Monday~  Spin class at 10 am.  Long intervals today.  The first one was a big 16 minutes long.  The other 2 were not as long, but they were pretty challenging nonetheless.    Hot yoga at 5:45!  Holy hot.  I know, its hot yoga.  It was a lot hotter than the last time I went.  I swear.  I am still waiting for it to get a little easier for me.  Actually, I did OK this time.  I was worried  after that first down dog I was doomed.  But, I shook it off and did what I had to do to not die.     🙂       Bow wow.  I was slipping all over my mat, even with my towel.  I feel really good now.  Hopefully, I will make it through tomorrow’s class. I plan on going back at 9am ( help).   Ok, off to drink about 3 gallons of water to prepare for tomorrow!

On tap for Tuesday:  Run, hot yoga and cardio sculpt.   

Check out Lori at


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