Thursday mixed up workout. Friday spin and kettlebells.

Thursday~ Today was the last day of swim lessons! I hoped for the best, but too bad — it was the worst!! Miles was worse than the first day debacle.   😦    Poor kid. Amara on the other hand was great. She jumped off the diving board twice. Her teacher was impressed with how much she wanted to learn and try  things she was once afraid of. I am happy that at least one of my kids enjoyed this class! 🙂

Miles pretending that swim class is awesome

Last day of swim lessons!

After swim I stayed at the gym to workout. I brought my running shoes with full intentions of running for at least 45 minutes. No mile goal just a time one. Well that 45 minute run did not go as planned. I am not sure if it’s the whole treadmill in the summer thing or that I just did not want to run. I lasted I think 5 minutes running at first. I changed to the elliptical and did a good 10 minutes hard. I then jumped back on the tread and ran fast for 5 minutes…I did this for a total of 45

Amara after jumping off the diving board

minutes. Good enough! I probably looked like a confused person jumping from machines, but whatever people. I can do what I want!     😉 .

Wednesday night~ Britney concert. It was a lot of fun. She is a great entertainer and fun to watch. The opening act was Destinee and Paris. 2 teenage sisters that are trying to make it big. Good luck with that! I felt bad for them because people do not know their songs. The crowed came alive when then sang an Adele song ( Rollin’ in the Deep) and then a Cee -lo song ( Crazy). That was their highlight. They also had some funky dance moves ( not in a good way) and we all had a good laugh when they did the Running Man and Willow Smith’s Hair Whip. Pauly D. From the Jersey Shore was up next. He is a pretty good DJ. He played all the hits and loved to say ” DJ, Pauly D!” at least 400 times. It was good for about 20 minutes. Too bad he was on stage for 45. It was kind of weird just watching a person for that long mixing.. no dancers; just flashing lights. It’s a good thing he is my 2nd favorite Jersey Shorian. He’s funny and while he is a jerk, he is the 2nd least jerkiest of the bunch. After he was done DJing we had to wait about 40 minutes for Britney to get on stage. Long story short, while she did a great job, she was not the Britney I remember from 8 (?) years ago. She seemed to just go through the motions and was not as crisp and sharp as she normally is. I do not have a dance background, but something just seemed off. Her 12 backup dancers seemed to have it going on more than she did. I wonder if this was a fluke or if her whole tour has been the same. Oh well. It was still a lot of fun and I can’t hate on her. Her Femme Fatale set was cool. She had a lot of costume changes as well as a light show and pyro stuff.  2 thumbs up Brit Brit!   🙂

Friday morning workout...

Friday~ Spin at 5:30. It’s a good thing I have a good memory! I picked up the wrong spin class today. You know my stick note! I planned on doing the same strength class as Wednesday, but when class started I noticed that it was not the correct class. For the most part I remembered it. For the most part…..I ended up having 2 extra minutes at the end. I filled it in with 2 sprints! Perfect. The class enjoyed it.
I thought about staying after spin class to run. The thought left my brain quickly. I wanted to lift at the gym, but decided to try out the new kettle bell workout in the latest issue of Fitness Magazine. Since my equipment was at home I only gossiped chatted with the staff for 10 minutes before heading home. The workout was called – Ready, Set Swing! I used 10 lbs. kettle bells for the workout. Next time I will use the 15 lbs for some of the exercises. I enjoyed it. It was a nice change of pace and I have not seen some the exercises before. It took me less than 20 minutes which is another plus. A great full body workout when you are short on time or just prefer shorter workouts!
A good one was the Renegade Row.

Renegade Row

I have to teach spin again today at noon. I might run a bit before or after depending on how I feel ( so probably not!)  Have a great morning!


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