Wednesday~ Spin, B. Spears, and reminiscing……

Wednesday~ Spin at 10. Strength class. It was a pretty straight forward ride today…… There were (4) five-minute hills. There was of course more to it then that, so see for yourself. Let me know if you can make out my Spinning Hieroglyphs.

Spin Class

Half the time I don’t think I can… πŸ˜‰ In total we climbed for 20 minutes and when we weren’t climbing we were still pushing the pace for 2 minutes before the next climb. I was hoping to keep a higher average heart rate, but it was a no go today.

spin class stats

It was up there in the 165 range for a while ( or so I thought), but not enough to get my average up to where I wanted it. Better luck next time ( Friday).
I contemplated lifting weights today at the gym ( of all places..) but soon found I was too hungry to do what I wanted. So, after chatting for a bit, the kids and I headed home for lunch. We hit up the post office and are now playing with whatever Miles can get his hands on. Amara took 5 to put her nose in a book.

Later on I am headed to see Britney Spears. Yup. In concert. You’re probably jealous and will hide your anger by making fun of me. I saw her a long time ago in Chicago. She puts on an excellent show! I think Matt is embarrassed (again), that I am going to see her. Thanks to my big brother D for buying me the ticket. πŸ™‚ I would like to still get up in the morning and go to hot yoga. I don’t foresee us hitting up the bar or anything…… I got kids and it’s Wednesday!

And he has the nerve to be embarrassed of my choices?? As if......

He’s the lady-killer in the red! πŸ™‚
Speaking of big brothers, my other big brother Allen was in a bodybuilding competition this past weekend. He took home 3rd place overall! He is pretty much in great shape all.the.time. I was going to post a new picture of him while he practiced his posing, but I am not sure he wants me to broadcast him in his banana hammock speedo-like undies. I am not sure I want to either. So here is an old picture.

Big bro Allen during his 1st competition.

I have contemplated doing another figure show ( don’t tell Matt). Especially since my running ( vocal cord crap) has put a damper on how I am able to compete these days. I am still trying to be positive about next year being my comeback! But, my issues are even worse then last year so I am not sure where that leads me. So anyway, for the heck of it. Here is a picture of me in 2006 during my Figure Show.

Yes, that is a price tag hanging off my hip. πŸ˜‰

I literally clopmed around the stage in my high heels. I love gym shoes flats. It was a fun experience for sure!

On tap for Thursday: hot yoga? run? nothing? lift?


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