Hot Yoga, Swimming, Tree Roots and Dinner (fail).

Tuesday~ Early hot yoga today with Andi. Elizabeth was the instructor ( love her!) I was a sweaty mess- as usual. The room is 90 degrees what do you want from me??!?! ūüėČ Good stuff.
After that the kids and I went to swim lessons. Oh boy. Miles. He has been freaking himself out since Sunday about his swim lessons. I found out that he likes class, just not the finale when the kids jump in the pool and go under water. After I convinced him to go to class ( * this means I told him he was going to go, scared or not and if he promised not to scream in Miss Angela’s face, we might go for ice cream). He did great. Just as the last time we had class, he seemed more afraid of the shower he has to take before going into the pool area. Go figure. A few glances at mom and I was either giving him the evil eye or the reassuring thumbs up – he made it. He did not drown. He did not ingest too much water. ¬†He only¬†shrieked¬†once. ¬†He barely jumped in for the finale. he is a pretty god negotiator ( so he thinks) and tricked convinced Miss Angela to allow him to sit down and then jump in. Actually, I don’t think he convinced her to let him, he just did it. 1 more class to go. I hate to tell him that we plan on signing him up for the next session too.

I was able to steal some of Miles’ time and check out Miss Amara too. ¬†She did so well today. ¬†She can’t swim. ¬†But she sure tried. ¬†Hard. ¬†She is dead tired now. ¬†From what I could tell she did not cry or freak out when she was unable to swim to the edge of the pool. ¬†The¬†lifeguard¬†gave her a little stick thing to grab and pulled her to the edge. ¬†I thought that was it. ¬†Nope. ¬†She thought about it for a few minutes and tried again. ¬†Back in the pool. ¬†Back under she went. ¬†She’s a fighter. She needed assistance again, but she came up all smiles. ¬†( Whew). ¬† She came over to Miles and I and asked how he did and was so proud of him when she heard the news. ¬† ¬† ūüôā ¬† ¬† Ice cream! ¬†Too bad I could not find a place close to us that was open before noon. ¬†Miles is easy-going and settled on getting a bag of fresh kettle corn instead. ¬†Good. ¬†I wanted that instead anyway! ¬† ¬† ¬† ūüėČ

After swimming and popcorn we had to have our pipes snaked.  This happens ohhl every 3 years or so.  So annoying.  The roots from all the of beautiful trees in our yard are screwing up our plumbing!    The good thing was I had an excuse not to do laundry.  The bad news is that I was in the middle of washing my exercise/work clothes when the plumbing backed up.  I had to wear long pants and a cotton tee-shirt ( gasp) today to teach Cardio Sculpt.

That class was at 4:15.  I did a repeat class from July 20th, but I think I modified it a lot the first time.  Since this is week 7 of 8 for the session I upped the ante a bit.  I added extra sets and added 2 extra cardio sections; one running the stairs twice.  They all did great!

So far dinner has consisted of kettle corn and water.  Today is not a food day for me for some reason.  Hate that.  I LOVE food.  Nothing looks appetizing which sucks. I might  have to force something down after the kids hit the sheets.

On tap for Wednesday:  Spin and lift? 




Kids swimming during vacation 



2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga, Swimming, Tree Roots and Dinner (fail).

  1. HI! We teach the same type of classes. What do you do in your cardio sculpt classes? Always looking to bounce ideas of other instructors. You can email me also…I think you still have it. Enjoying reading your blog. ūüôā

    • Hey Valencia!
      Thanks! I try to change it up every week. I really named the class Cardio Sculpt so I go do ANYTHING! ūüėČ I like to do circuit style though. I also will do a 3-2-1 style …3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of toning and 1 minute of core and repeat.
      I tend to stick to kickboxing for cardio or some form of plyometrics. I am not really into dance style choreography. i love to take those types of classes, just not teach them!

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