A pitiful 12 miler and Monday Spin

Sunday~ Oh, Sunday. I secretly prayed for a lightening filled thunderstorm when the alarm went off. No such luck. While I am usually always glad I did it ( run) when it’s all said and done, this 12 miler was a toughy. The weather was near perfection though so I can’t even blame that. There was a slight humidity issue, but as I said, I can’t really blame that for the craptastic run that was. I might be able to blame it on my illness?? Yea, let’s do that! I just came off some allergy cold stuff and figured it was a great time to get my run in. Not so much. Ok, enough complaining. Andi and I ( she had a great run by the way) met and ran to ( 2 miles) and around Reed’s Lake 2 times ( 8 miles) and back to her house ( 2 miles). It was a nice little route. We saw about 75 or maybe a little less other runner’s. East Grand Rapid’s is such an active little community. There is always somebody outside doing something – riding bikes, walking or running. So great to see. Maybe we won’t have to move to Colorado after all ( joke)!  Now, what was I talking about? Oh right, the run. There was a little walking, no cussing ( I did said Andi had a great run),and  a 5 minute downpour that made me run faster until the acid rain started to burn my eyes.  So glad Sunday is over.  So glad I ran 14 miles over 2 days.  When I thought I might take the week off from running.  Oooops. Moral: You can’t always have a good run. I think everyone has a crappy run every once in a while. It’s not the end of the world. Embrace those hard miles and just know that you will most likely have more awesome runs than bad ones!

Monday~  Spin at 10.  Yes, I did another interval!  But, last Monday I did a strength class –  I did intervals the rest of the week.  So there.  It was basically 10 minutes of work, followed by 1 minute of recovery and repeated for a total of 3 loops.  I need new Spinning music.  I have about 3 million songs, but I still need more!  The kids are driving me nuts.  The fighting and Miles is already back to getting me up at 3 am to watch him take a leak.  I missed those kids!   🙂

On tap for Tuesday:  Hot Yoga and Cardio Sculpt


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