Day off, Spin x2, The Matrix and Supersets.

Thursday~ Day off! My cold/allergies were at full force today. I really wanted to run and or ride my bike and or do hot yoga. I had all the time in the world since the kids were still not home! I felt like it was a wasted day. Well, I did get started on Amara’s tornado of a room. I kept taking breaks. I was having sneeze attacks from the dust and my allergies. Not a good combo.

Friday~ spin class at 5:30 am. I felt ok I guess. I tried to get to sleep at a reasonable hour ( before 11pm) to get at least 5 ish hours of sleep. I did another interval ( this weeks theme it seems). Random sighting in my class: man with a CamelBak on. I can’t say that I “get it”, but if that is how he needs to hydrate – more power to him! 😉  Drink up dude!
I went home after class and went right to bed. I got up at 10:30! Just in time to eat something and plan my 12 noon class ( oops!!) It worked out well though. I taught another an interval class. I love intervals. You can make them so different each time. Which is what I did this week. 5 spin classes taught this week! This old gal is not used to that anymore! The rest of Friday ( the hours between 5-8:59 pm) were spent frantically finishing up the cleaning we had to get done before the little people arrived around 9 pm.    They arrived at 9 pm on the dot!  Amara was excited to see us!  Miles?  Well, he seemed to be more interested in seeing his drum set and cymbals.  Oh well, he’s 3.  He seemed to remember that he missed us about 30 minutes after his arrival.  🙂   Crazy kid.  He seems at least 3 inches taller!  So happy to have them both home.  Amara was super excited about her newly cleaned room.  She was not as mad as I thought.  But her toy box is now in the attic ( which means she has about 100 less toys to hoard) and she had many questions about its whereabouts.  She’s over it though.   Miles likes his new clean room too.  He had no complaints. ( he knows better).

Saturday~  No (long) run for me today.  Not only did it thunderstorm and my allergies were acting up, but Matt and his brother went fishing during my running time.  The nerve!  😉  I had to stay at home with my kids and my niece.  It was nice not to get up at 5 am to run though.  I had planned on running tomorrow, but that is still up for debate.  The way I see it;  I have not run all week, so why start now?!?!   🙂  Actually, I am probably overdue for a whole week off from running.  It’s almost impossible for me to take a whole week off of exercise.  Besides that fact that I would go ape shit  crazy- fitness and exercise is my job.  I am not sure how my spin and cardio classes would like it if I came in all last week and said ” it’s my week off, so I’m just going to not move.”  I will admit, I do that sometimes, but not for  a week straight ; that’s just crazy!     😉  So anyway.  I might run tomorrow and I might not.   Only time will tell……

The Matrix....... I have never seen that movie. 🙂

My sister-in-law Lisa is in town so we went to the gym  ( what else??).  It’s been a while since I was actually able to spend some time on the cardio  machines.  It was fun.   I used the Cross Trainer called the Matrix!  I have not used it before and I liked it.  I used it for 25 minutes and chose the Rolling program.  My HR avg. was 155 with a few moments I was in the 165 range.  A not too shabby 270 calorie burn too.   After that I had some problems with the treadmills.  The 2 I tried were acting up, so I let Lisa stay on the 1 that worked and I ran 2 miles with my old running buddy Mary!  I don’t know what the hurry was, but we did 2 miles in 17:30 – and yes, that is quick for me these days!   🙂  It felt great though ( besides the moments when I thought I might pass out).  It was nice to chat too!

After the run I met up with Lisa again and she wanted to lift weights.  I can’t tell you the last time I lifted in the actual weights section of the gym!  Ha!  I thought up a quick superset routine on the fly.  We did only 2 exercises back to back with a 30 sec. rest between sets.  We did 3 sets of 10 for everything.



Superset 1~

Deadlift + High Row

“running” alternating hammer curls

Superset 2~ 

Squat + Shoulder Press

Push ups

Superset 3~

Plie squat + triceps ext.

Pistol Rows


Crunches on ball (25)

Plank roll outs on ball (10)

Plank hold circles on ball ( 5 each way)


So this was a nice way to come back to lifting weights.  My legs were already sore on the way down the steps.  Awesome.  Must do this more.  I love lifting, I just keep coming up with lame excuses as to why I don’t do it consistently. LAME!   I think I need my sis in law to move here.  I tell her this often.  She ignores me.     😉     I tried to trick her by showing off my swanky gym.  I think it might work this time!


On tap for Sunday:  I will let you know tomorrow!


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