Who needs structure?!?!

What a week!
A short little update.
Kids are gone til Friday!
I have been busy going to lunch, dinner and the movies. I try to fit in a bit of work and cleaning in there every now and then.  Matt and I don’t know what to do with ourselves ( besides going to lunch, dinner and the movies…). I do know that I miss those crazy kids. A lot. I also know that I have no structure without them here! It’s weird.  Coming and going as I please ( well, when I am not working).
They are having fun with their grandparents. They are riding horses, working in the garden, going to the beach, going to the children’s museum and who knows what else! 🙂
Friday will be here before I know it and so will they!!
Note to self* Don’t wait 3.5 years to deep clean your kid’s rooms. You just might find a ziplock filled with uncooked rice shoved underneath her dresser. I am not saying that this actually happened, but wouldn’t it be weird if it did????       😉
She is going to be pissed surprised when she sees her room. I have already filled 3 bags up of treasures garbage!! I am still going strong too. Tomorrow I MUST get it all done and Miles’ room too. Ok. Off to do whatever I want!




I miss these faces!


On tap for Thursday:  Sleep in,  clean and maybe exercise if I can breath.  ( Ragweed or something is KILLING me).       🙂


2 thoughts on “Who needs structure?!?!

  1. Wow sister I play in her room… You may want to take care of that so that Lindsay can feel safe when A drags her up there to play.. Ewww…. I still have a pair of White Caps tix if your interested in the game tonight as I won’t be going due to sickness….

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