Early morning spin today.  I kept the same concept as my Wednesday endurance class, but changed it up just a tad.  I made a new playlist and threw in an optional heavy climb ( 3+ minutes) getting out of the endurance zone.  Just a little something to break up how boring an endurance ride can be.  I think this morning class was pretty much in the zone and followed the rules as I gave them.  I like when that happens.   πŸ˜‰

After class I chatted it up with the front desk staff for at least 30 minutes!  So much for lifting weights…..well, I did a very short and light circuit when i rushed home to a sleeping house.   Why does this keep happening to me??  I rush though my stuff to greet my family and they are still knocked out.  Lucky.

My short and simple routine:

Push ups


Bent over flyes


Shoulder Press


Bicycle crunches

Plank hold

Pelvic lifts

Triceps dips

Side plank

I went through each circuit 2 times doing 12 reps of the exercises ( 30 seconds for abs)

*Today I am featured on    Head on over and see what I have to say!   πŸ˜‰   After extensive digging ( not really, I just looked at her  site)  Valencia teaches in the same city where I grew up ( Canton, MI).  Small world!

On tap for Saturday:  ????


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