Wednesday and another Humid Early Morning Run~

Wednesday~ Just a typical Wednesday……..Spin at 10. Today was endurance day! I did it old style. Phase I Spinning. What does that mean? Well, let me tell you. This is all from my rusty memory, so there is a slight chance I have no idea what I am talking about. 😉 During Phase I of Spin you do 1 core movement per song. Easy enough. So if a song is 3 minutes and 34 seconds and you want to climb..then you climb from the start to finish. I kept the format simple enough- climbs, and flat roads. It wasn’t as boring as it sounds – I didn’t think so anyway! PiYo was a 11. I almost skipped out, but realized I needed a serious stretching session. I wanted to lift upper body, but whatever. PiYo was good as usual and I am glad I chose it over weights!
I had a client later on in the day. While I worked Matt and the kids were off doing fun stuff (if you’re into fishing that is. ) Me? Not so much……I am glad they love it though.

Thursday~ Running! Andi and I met this morning at 5:30 am ( ugh) to run. The plan was to do between 10 and 12. We got in 10. It wasn’t pretty, but we got it done! It was in the 60’s when we started, but the humidity is what keeps getting us! ( damn you!) I wold share my stats with you, but I just looked onto the Garmin site, and everything is in Danish. Seriously- it says : Velkommen, marciagrajewski! I can guess what that says, and the IT guy for the site should be ashamed of himself!! 😉 Oh well. Miles 1-4 we were pushing 10 minute ish miles and high 9’s miles 5-10. I felt OK for most of the run, but I was glad when it was over. I love running! The kids had swimming Tuesday and Thursday. I will save that for another day. And just as a heads up Miles was that kid. You know, the one that screamed so loudly that all eyes were on him and his mom ( I did not claim him as my own. No Hablo Ingles ). Oh boy. I love my kids! Especially the girl – she did great in the water. 🙂


On tap for Friday: Spin and lifting


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