Tuesday humid run…….

Wednesday~   Early morning solo run.  I had visions of running 8 – 10 miles this morning.  The only thing was I was alone!   😦     So, I was not about to run at dark thirty by myself.  Not safe!  I needed Andi there in case somebody wanted to cause some trouble – she’s pretty squirrley tough!  I set out around 6:30 ish or so.  I wanted to start at 6:15 ish, but I procrastinated on where to start my run.  I wanted a slight change of scenery so I jumped in the truck and drove about 5 minutes down the street!  I hoped to keep my heart rate in the 160’s for this run.  According to my Garmin heart rate avg. it was 159.  Come on!  I blame that on my first mile where I forgot to stop it when I was messing with my broken MP3 player.  My HR avg. for mile 1 was 140.  Totally lame.  After that things went really well.  My moving time miles were pretty consistent.  I am not a consistent pacer at all.  ( Go ME!)

After I ran a bit over 3 miles I figured I better turn around so I didn’t make Matt late for work.  Good thing too, because the whole house was asleep when I got home!!  dang.  I could have gone at least 8 miles for sure.   Booo!  I finished in 1:03 ( 9:44) average. Lately, this is good for me.  I had 2 minor vocal cord almost mishaps.  I guess that’s good.  They weren’t full-blown or anything.   I got that going for me.  It was only 73 degrees outside, but the humidity must have been through the roof.  It was moist to say the least.  (TWSS)  I wanted to get my workout done because it might rain later.  I pretty much looked as if I ran in the rain anyway…so whatever.

It was a hot one

In other news.  The new Mat Kearney CD is out today.  In case you were wondering.  Here is the video.  I like the clapping.  So does miles.  He likes to sing this during breakfast.  I don’t make him stop.   🙂

It’s a catchy tune, but in a good way.   Enjoy.

On tap for Wednesday:  Spin/Piyo



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