Weekend Update + Monday

Well the winner of the Champs was Holly C. I think there might have been some confusion on how to enter?? Don’t worry, I will have another giveaway in a few weeks. 😉

I have 2 race reports to do. I have been slacking on those. Tri Del Sol and now the Warrior Dash I participated in on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun!!!!

Sunday~  I was not sure how I would feel after Saturday’s race.  Granted it was only a 5k.  But, it had lots of climbing involved.  I woke up a bit stiff but nothing too bad.  After sleeping in until 9:30 am ( * I went to bed at 2 am*), I tried to convince myself to go for a bike ride.  And then to go for a run.  And then to head to the gym.  And then to grocery shop.  And then to take myself to breakfast. ( Kids and Matt were gone sine Fri. night due to arrive Sunday late afternoon).   After 2-3 hours of procrastinating I lifted in my living room.   I first went through the kettlebell tutorial that came with my kettle bells and did some lifts.  I then did 2 rounds of my kettle bell DVD ( Iron Core Boot Camp)and then I did some body weight stuff for my legs.  I will count Sunday as a lower body workout day even though I did a few upper body exercises.

Monday~    Happy August.  Time flies!!!   Spin at 10.  Intervals were on the agenda for today.  Fast intervals with longer climbs.  It was a hot one today.  Totally Toned was at 12 noon.  It was hot and humid in the basement today.  I felt giddy bad for the participants.  All the fans were basically blowing warm air on them and today’s workout was a bit harder than usual I think.

I had visions of myself getting up at 6:15 am and running some miles this morning.  Not so much.  There’s still tomorrow right?!?!  I might get up and run because it’s supposed to rain later in the day so I would not want to chance a thunderstorm during running club.  Who knows though.  I will be up late watching the Bachelorette finale….   😉

The kids start swim lessons in the morning.  Twice weekly.  I am not really concerned about Amara, but Miles is a different story.  The kid freaks out.  The kid cannot be convinced or coerce easily.  Bribery sometimes works, but it has to be a good bribe.  He did go to the beach on Sunday and actually went into Lake Michigan.  He was pretty proud of himself, ” I went into the water, all the way up to my pee pee.”  he said as he patted his swim trunks.   🙂   I don’t want to burst his bubble, but I am sure he will have to go in a bit more during the swim lessons.    Amara has been at the beach and has gone under a lot.  She used to freak out, so this is a good sign for her.  The good thing is that both classes start at the same time.  Keep your fingers crossed for Miles.  I have a feeling he is going to be that kid tomorrow.  I might have a stiff  drink in the parking lot.

Miles with water up to his............ 😉

Bombs away!!













Crazy 6 pack abs......





On tap for Tuesday:  something in the morning or not……  Cardio Sculpt.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update + Monday

  1. I’m obviously way behind here. But holy crike on Amara’s abs!!! No surprise though with a fit mamma!

    ps….you are obsessed with Mat Kearny! hahaha

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