Wednesday – Triple Threat – day 2.

Another busy day!

Wednesday~ Muscle and Movement at 6:00 am.  I think I am finally growing on this group!  I got a few “good morning’s” today as well!   😉  I also had a few people say, “Good class”  after it was all over.  I think they might like me.  Maybe.  We did full body combos today with 2-3 minutes of cardio between the weight circuits.  Combos included  lunges+ rows+ triceps kickbacks.  Squats + Up right rows.  Side plank plus rows and lunges and biceps, and bridge + chest flyes.  It was a bit different from my normal format for this group and it was the same class I taught last night for Cardio Sculpt.  I changed up the cardio just a tad though.

Spin at 10.  Today, being the last Wednesday of the month was Race Day!  Man the months are FLYING by so quickly!!  It was a fun one.  I incorporated more hill climbs then I usually do during a race.

PiYo at 11.  I went back.  It was hard.  Chatarunga’s up the wazoo again.   🙂  It was just what I needed!

Amara got her hair cut today.  When I say cut, I mean CUT!!  She needed it badly.   Her hair is hard to handle.  She loves it. After all the tears and snot – she LOVES it.  She told me it was worth the pain.   🙂    She looks so old now.     😦     😉   I Just really hope I can replicate her fresh from the salon do’.  I suck at hair.


On tap for Thursday:  Off or not off.     🙂   I will play the day by ear.


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