Triple Threat and 1000+

Tuesday~  6:30  am road bike….I made it just under 15 miles on this beautiful morning.   My Garmin says otherwise because it was not picking up the satellite, but whateva.  I tried to do some form of interval training.  It goes Ok for a while, but as I keep riding it gets a little more difficult.  The paved path is awesome, but there are stop signs and traffic every so often.   My goals for this ride was when I was pushing it  – to keep my heart rate at 160 and higher for the duration.  The duration was anywhere between half a mile up to 1.5 miles.  I had no real plan there.  As for the recoveries I wanted to not fully recover, but keep my HR in the low 150’s.  Why am I doing this type of interval you ask??  I have no idea.  It just seemed like the way to go today.  I wish I had some scientific research to back up why, but I don’t always need the facts man.  Just go.  It was fun.  The weather was perfect.  It was about 69 degrees and I loved it.  This is the type of summer I love!!   🙂


4:15 pm ~ Cardio Sculpt.  Circuit training.  I threw some new stuff at the ladies today.  It’s a good thing my butt was already sore from the Butt Bible, because we did a lot of squats and lunges in class today.  Dang.  What was I thinking?!?!

5:40pm~ 2 mile warm up (running) I decided at the last-minute to go ahead and do the workout by myself.  I thought if I tried to wait around for an hour I might just go home!  I probably should could have called it a day, but again, the weather was too perfect not to play in.   So off I went.   I had another HR goal for mile 2+, to keep my HR in the 160’s and see how it went.  It went fine.  I did not pass out or anything!  I also forgot to use my inhaler before class and then again before running…ooops.  But I guess I did alright with my own lung power!   😉

I was going to head home after that.  I did a lot of activity and tomorrow will be just as busy ( exercise wise and beyond…)  My running club’s plan was to run 8×400’s.  Well I stayed and did 4 of them.  I thought that was good enough.  I took about 2 minutes between 400 meter sprints.   I ran the 400’s between a 7:13 and a 7:35 pace.  Not consistent and you would think the 7:35 paced 400 would be my last one due to fatigue – nope.  It was my first one due to I had no clue what I was doing!  My last one gave my breathing a run for its money, but I did not pass out or stop breathing or stop running for that matter.  Score!  My cool down was super lame.  I walked less than a lap around the track! Ha.  I called it a day finally!

I tallied up my calorie burn for the day.  It was over 1000.  Time for dinner!
* the Triple Threat = my 3 workouts. I was reaching for a title and that is all I could come up with today!
On tap for Wednesday:  Muscle and Movement/Spin/Piyo


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