Friday and some weight loss tips.

Ok, so my To Be Continued from yesterday?  Well, it did not continue until today.  My main excuse reason besides the pizza and cupcakes?  I figured out I would not have an almost rest day this week.  I say almost because I did do hot yoga yesterday.  That is not a rest day in my book.  I lost about 7 lbs of water.  That is doin’ work son.

Friday~  Spin at 5:30 am.  I repeated the same interval class I taught on Wednesday.  I love to recycle!  It was a good class and I had 2 RunGr friends join in the fun!  I love to see familiar running faces doing non- running stuff!  I thought about doing some sprints on the treadmill after class for my second HIIT session of the week( for more info on HIIT, but my stomach was feeling queasy for some reason.  I left to feed it.  I think that did the trick.   I came home and went right to bed to lay down for a few minutes….well, about over an hour later (oops)  I got up.  The kids said they already ate breakfast ( Matt left for work already..who knows when.  I was sleeping!) .  Dang!  I could have slept another 20 minutes.  For their reward ( umm, for letting me sleep…) I let them watch another cartoon.  They usually watch 1 or 2 before I turn it off in the mornings.  I would guess they saw 4 today!?!  They were zombies watching that thing- they don’t hear a word that is coming out of my mouth!

I have the chance to go back to the gym and do s0me HIIT or do something I should be doing.  I am still trying to make up my mind.

I read the current issue of Women’s Running Magazine and it offered up some advice.  There is an article called Why Can’t I lose Weight?  No, I am not trying to lose weight, but the article offered up some good things to keep in mind. Here are some of the key tips that are given:

1- Your exercise program isn’t balanced or intense enough

Running is a great calorie burner, but for a lot of us; it’s not enough.  Research shows that while endurance activities burn a ton of calories at a moderate pace, but HIIT ( High intensity interval training forces your body to burn calories 24-48 hours after the session has ended.  A mix of both endurance and HIIT is a winner! 

2- Your resistance training isn’t challenging enough

To rev up your metabolism, you need to strength train.  You need to lift heavy.  You won’t turn into a man.  Unless you favor steroids over protein shakes.    For a sample resistance training workout check out  – To keep it easy to remember, you want to be lifting a weight that feels like a 7 out of 10 on the effort scale.  The last 2-3 reps should be difficult but attainable.  Lift to Lose routine. 

3- You’re eating more than you think

Try to eat at least  4 small meals a day ( I eat up to 6 myself).  Eat whole, fresh foods as much as possible.  Have these things on hand so you are always prepared.  Write it down for a few days- make sure to include a weekend day too.  You might be surprised at how much or even how little you are eating.  This can make or break your goals.  For most healthy individuals – 80% of your weight loss efforts take place in the kitchen! 

4- You’re drinking too much sugar

Plain water is the best drink!  If you are exercising for up to 90 minutes or longer or in extreme heat it’s OK to have a sports drink, you need to replace sodium and electrolytes.  Pay attention to the serving size of the bottle- some have up to 4 servings.  Aim for half a liter of plain water per hour of exercise.

5- You’re eating too many processed carbs

Carbs are a necessary diet staple.  A simple rule of thumb when it comes to carbs and weight loss:  the more processed a carb is, the worse it is for weight loss!  Sweets, white breads, white pastas and rice in excess can lead to weight gain or hinder your weight loss efforts.  Unprocessed whole gain carbs such as wild rice, quinoa and barley are great choices.

The above 5 tips are not just for the running community! I feel they are great to use for any weight loss efforts – runner or not. 

The article continues to give you specific workouts towards 1 of 3 goals.  Women’s Running Magazine calls it –

Three, Two, One…..Weight Loss! 

1.  During your peak running phases ( race session) your week should look like this:

3 running sessions

2 high intensity interval training sessions

1 resistance training session


2. During times of the year when running is not your priority.

3 HIIT sessions

2 running sessions

1 resistance session

3.  When you want to develop strength and balance ( after a big race or during a time when you find it difficult to fit running in)

3 resistance sessions

2 HIIT sessions

1 running session

Right now, I am striving to follow tip #1.  It’s difficult for me to realistically follow any training program.  I instruct for a living.  I lift during classes.  I cardio my brains heart out several times a week..  I then, do my best to fit in my personal training efforts.  It ain’t easy, but I do what I can.  So far this week I still need to fit in a HIIT session before my week begins (Sunday) again.  I am not sure that will happen, but we shall see…………

Do you see where you can improve your weight loss efforts form the above tips?

How about the 3,2,1 format?

On tap for Saturday: Run!




4 thoughts on “Friday and some weight loss tips.

  1. I definitely agree with all of those points. Interesting to me about the only 1 resistance training a week in both the first plans. I would feel lost without at least 2 full body workouts. I guess becasue I love lifting so much.

    • I know what you mean…… Right now, it is actually more realistic for me to do the 1 resistance training a week, but it just seems odd! 🙂 I guess I will try to adhere to this “plan” and then after my possible marathon (Oct.) run less and lift more! It gives me something to look forward to!

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