Shifting of weekly goals. No big deal.

So what’s been going on this week?  Lots of stuff.  Heatwave 2011 has hit West Michigan.  Not a fan.  I won’t complain though because it is summer.  It’s supposed to be hot.  I only complain about winter.  Winter bites the big one.   My goals for the week have changed a bit.  Not anything to be alarmed about.  Stuff happens.  Goals shift.  No big thang.

This is what I wanted my goals to be as of Sunday night–  ( what I actually did)

Monday:  Full Body Weights/Spin/Totally Toned    ( Spin and Totally Toned)

Tuesday:  Hot Yoga/Run/Cardio Sculpt   (  Hot Yoga/Run/Cardio Sculpt)

Wednesday: Muscle and Movement/ Spin/PiYo   ( Muscle and Movement/Spin/Full body)

Thursday: Bike/Run/Hot Yoga?   ( Hot yoga……)

So I guess it’s not that bad.  I wanted to ride my bike, but when the temperature is already 82* at 5 am I figured that I would not be doing that.  Instead I would rather do hot yoga in a 90* + room!  😉    I missed that class a lot.  Tuesday was a killer.  I had not been to hot yoga since late April and well, yea, it was hard on Tuesday.  It was hard today as well,  but my brain and body expected it to be.

After yoga on Tuesday, Andi and I ran.  I don’t remember how warm hot is was, but it was steamy.  I am very glad that we were out there at 10 and not 6:30 pm.  I am certain it was 10-15 degrees hotter by then.  After the warm up and 5 hill sprints and cooldown we looked as if we had been running though sprinklers.  I know I get sweaty when I workout, but I literally wrung out my tank top 3 times .  Ewww.   Even after loosing about 5 lbs of water in the 60 minute hot yoga class I still had 8 more lbs to give while running.  True story.

Wednesday Spin class.  Intervals for all.  There were some long intervals with small recoveries.  After class I skipped PiYo.  I know.  It was my first missed session since class started 7 weeks ago.  I have a good excuse.  I did yoga on Tuesday and planned on doing it on Thursday as well.  I also needed to weight train somewhere in my week.   It was a full body of sorts.  Light weights and higher reps this time.

Dot, Dot, DUH

I am hoping my Thursday will  Be To Be Continued… (as Bentley would say-what a tool)  Hot yoga as mentioned above was this morning at 6am.  I really planned on getting myself to the gym by 10 am at the latest.  But, that did not happen.   Instead, the kids played outside in their PJ’s until 10:30 am.  They came inside because it got too hot already!  After getting us all dressed we ran some errands instead of going to the gym.  I plan on going after nap time

( hopefully, I can get one too while if Miles sleeps, but Amara will probably have other plans for me.)   🙂


Until later on…



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