Reviews Galore!

I have a few reviews!

First up is the Hollywood Hills Athletic Tank by 4all.  I have been trying to expand my horizons with color!  From the website:  The 4all Athletic Tank is made with moisture-wicking, quick dry Jo-Dry Jersey. Contrasting straps add an edge to the subtle Deco Drops print. The straps also cross at the back to provide extra support. The shaped waist and hem accentuate an athlete’s toned body. This style top pairs well with 4all’s Knit Bermuda. Available Print: Deco Drops Print


I love the little pop of color on this tank.  It also has a built-in shelf bra which a lot of people appreciate.  I don’t particularly like a shelf bra ( but I have other tanks with this feature).  I always end up wearing a sports bra anyway.  I just don’t feel comfortable, even though I don’t have much to support!  That would be my only critique.  Enough of that!  This tank is very comfortable – a must for me!  I love the longer fit of the tank.  I have worn it to my PiYo class several times. I received a lot of compliments too. I paired  it with my black 4all knit capri’s.  There are a lot of yoga and pilates style exercises done in this class.  I am not spending my time worried about flashing my tummy and tugging on the shirt to make it longer…it covers what I need to be covered.  Check out the Hollywood Hills Collection as well as the rest of what 4 all has to offer!

Ultima Replinisher~  I was sent a lot of samples of this electrolyte drink to review.  I really enjoyed all of the flavors I received .  I really LOVED that it contains no sugar and nothing artificial!  I am an endurance athlete and while I need to be well hydrated I don’t need anymore sugars or artificial stuff when I am trying to stay hydrated.  It’s sweetened with stevia which is all natural and it tastes great.  

10 reasons to use Ultima Replinisher:

Top Reasons:

      NATURALLY sweet.
      NO ARTIFICIAL ingredients
      Better choice than PEDIALYTE® & Gatorade®
      VEGAN friendly – GLUTEN FREE
      Rapid absorption –
      Speeds FLUIDS to muscle cells ESTER C®
      Supports the Immune System
      Better hydration = Faster METABOLISM
      PREGNANCY – Before, during & after labor
      Helps CANCER patients stay hydrated
— Recommended by nutritionists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Perfect for any and everyone!  I recommend Ultima Relpinesher
Paper Shower!  I could not wait to try this product.  I am active.  I teach a lot of classes.  I don’t always get to shower between classes or events.  This product comes in handy for those times.  It’s small enough for a gym bag or even a purse.
I really like the moist towelette the best.  It’s wet without being too wet and it is also unscented.  Both the moist and dry towel are big enough to actually get some use out of them.  Honestly, I did not have to use the dry towel.  I used the moist towel first and by the time I used the dry towel, my skin had already been air-dried.  I am saving the dry towels for the car ( I have kids!)  They will come in handy I am sure.  These wipes are great if you are active, camp, travel, hike, or just need to freshen up when soap and water are not available.  
Ecostore USA~  I jumped at the chance to be able to review these products.    From the website:  Our eco friendly household cleaning products are as effective as the leading supermarket brands, and our body and baby care ranges are gentle on your skin and are simply beautiful to use.  Our hand and body washes are made from naturally derived ingredients that gently cleanse, condition and nourish your skin.  All of our products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals, that bring people closer to nature with non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce our carbon footprint.   
I reviewed 2 products.  Citrus Based Spray Cleaner and Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash.       
Citrus Based Spray Cleaner –  What a great product!  Not only does it smell great ( not the usual bleachy/chemical smell) it actually WORKS!  I used it on the bathroom  and kitchen counters.  These places can get pretty grimy with 2 kids  and 2 adults always into something.  It didn’t take any extra elbow grease to wipe up the toothpaste or spills in the kitchen.  
Next up was the Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash– I was a little more excited to try this one out.  I love coconut products ( for eating too) and I love vanilla.  I was happy to see these too combined.  It smells divine.  I wish I could drink it!  🙂   It rinses well and has no artificial colors.  I felt fine using it on my kids as well.  My only complaint besides that I can’t drink it is that wish the scent lingered longer ( on me), but that’s my personal preference!  I recommend both of these products and I highly recommend this awesome Michigan based company!  Check out their site and see what else they have to offer.  
* all of the above products were provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.  🙂  

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