Thursday….Off.Rock Star.Du.

Thursday~ Today was an OFF day. I almost went for a walk, but changed my mind. It was such a beautiful day too– what was I thinking?!?!  I did foam roll though – twice..does that count for anything?!?!

I did sit in a chair today and got a fresh new do.  Amara thinks my highlights look pink ( they are reddish).  They kind of do.  She said I was a rock star mom.  When she’s right, she’s right!  😉

Amara found the missing butterfly yesterday – it was alive and well (whew).  Today we released them to the wild!  She already found a caterpillar and wants to do the process all over again.  It might be a moth and not a butterfly.

In other good news… Matt bought me 9 sessions to Funky Buddha Yoga!  Living Social the other day.  Those babies were going fast too, so I am very happy!  I have until the end of August to redeem them.  The tricky part will be to find the time, but they do offer 6 am classes a few times a week.  So after this race I will probably do at least 2 classes of hot yoga next week.  1 early and 1 not so early.

I have decided to Just Do It and participate in the duathlon this Saturday.  I will do the best that I am capable of on that day.  And that is that!

Tri Del Sol Duathlon ( all done!) 2010

Lights out.  I have a 4:20 am wake up call.

On tap for Friday:  Spin and Totally Toned


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