Wednesday~ Spin at 10 today.  Intervals on this lovely morning.  All the intervals were 4 minutes long followed by a 1 minute recovery.  I threw in some Tabata intervals again just as I did during the Power Spin I taught on July 4.  I wanted to make sure everyone got a taste of those!     😉

After that was Piyo.  I brought a friend with me today.  Her name is Amara.   🙂   She has been asking to come to this class with me for a few weeks.  I was skeptical, but finally gave in.  I figured she was not ready – and I was right.  Ok, well she was a bit tired from this week of getting to bed late etc.  But yea, she had a minor break down in the form of pouting 15 minutes into class.  Well, hell if I was going to give up my 50 minutes of PiYo!  I know, I am mean.  She even shed a tear.  That still did not convince me to escort her out of class.  Nope.  I simply told her to rest when she needed to and to not quit.  We are not quitters.  She said she was bored!  Ha…too bad.  I thought this was one of those situations where she just had to see for herself.  Although I told her that this was not a kid yoga class.  We do not pretend we are animals in the jungle nor do we laugh too much.  This is serious stuff yo! It’s more difficult than her kid yoga DVD’s or the short 10 minute sessions she sometimes does.  We still had a good 20-25 minutes left and somehow;  she made it.  She rested when necessary and then she jumped right back in.  I told her I was proud of her and she started to cry again.  Is she 7 or 27??  Sometimes I forget!!!  I don’t think she will ask to go back anytime soon.  Next on her class to try?  My spin class of course!  She is almost tall enough to have a proper bike set up – maybe next year!      😉

On tap for Thursday:  No clue. Hopefully something though.   It’s my day off from teaching….perhaps get up with the sun to run or bike or both.  Or sleep in.

Don’t forget my Facebook page ( I did!  😉   )   I will do my best to update it with some hard-hitting topics to discuss!!    🙂


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