Who does 2 a days? I do 3 a days –take that!


Workout #1 –

6:30 AM –  12 mile bike ride

7:30 AM – 1.3 mile run ( right after bike = brick)

I think both went fairly well.  The bike ride was nice.  The run was kinda nice too.  I had 2 potential life threatening  vocal cord incidences.  They had me on the verge, but never happened.  Maybe because I walked?  Who knows…..

I spent the rest of my day in my PJ’s.  Yup.  I did.  The kids played outside for a long time and before I knew it, it was time for work.

Workout #2

4:15 PM Cardio Sculpt

I forgot to mention that my Cardio Sculpt class started up again today.  I hope they are not mad at me.   🙂    They did really well.  I did not go too easy on them ( or myself for that matter).  There was a lot of cardioing and sculpting going on for sure.

Workout #3

5:30 PM – running

So I headed to the track  to start my workout early.  I intended on doing a warm up and half of the workout by myself and then the other half with my group.  Well, after my very short warm up I set out to do (4) 200 meter sprints.  I was not sure what my pace was to be (coach has a pace sheet and since I went early I did not see it…).  I just ran.  My pace for 200 meters was between 6:00 and 6:15 .   I had a few breathing mishaps that I did not like that one bit.  Instead of doing 8 I only did 4.   I tried.   It has me a little worried for my race on Saturday.  I like to race.  I want to race it and not do this one for “fun” ( I mean who does that anyway??)  And naturally, the forecast for Saturday (race day) is humid.  Awesome sauce.  I hate that saying.  But I wanted to use it at least once in my life.  Never again.   I think I will still sign up for the duathlon, it’s like a tradition already.  This might will be my 3rd year in a row.  I can’t break tradition over breathing issues that aren’t that bad.   Well, kind of that bad, but whatever, who asked you anyway!??!   😉

Did you hear the one about one of Amara’s butterflies getting loose in the house?  Yup, it happened today.  I received a text before I started my run this evening.  She seems ok about it, but told me the RULES of catching a butterfly.  Twice.  I guess to make sure I understood her the first time.

On tap for Wednesday:  Spin and PiYo

Do you do 2 a days?  3 a days?  Why (did you lose a bet)?  I do them whenever I have to teach and have to really want to get my own personal workout(s) in.  Sometimes they are fun, sometimes….. not so much.

I remember when Three A Day’s were no big deal.  By no big deal, I mean I was way younger (college fitness instructor and before kids too) and I did not get as tired.  I am done.  Goodnight.

If found--please return!!



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