My original AWESOME post vanished…so here is a lame update.

I started my Saturday post and it vanished!  I thought I saved it. I know I saved it.  NO clue where it went.  I am pretty sure it was my best blog post ever too.   😉   I will re type the bits and pieces that I remember.

Beautiful weather.

Great company.

10 miles

Route was a nice change

It got hot.

I ran my suggested Runner’s World pace  for my long runs ( 10:21 – 11:39 min/mile )

Elliptical cool down for 15 minutes ( I just wanted to watch TV)   🙂


Sunday was a rest day.  My sis in law was in town and we headed to the mall.  It was time to shop!  Well, not for us, but for Amara’s birthday.  She had a great time picking out and modeling clothes.

Monday~  Spin at 10.  Today was endurance.  I thought the class did such a great job at adhering to my ride ( we remained in the saddle for a looong time and most of the class OBEYED– it can be hard to do sometimes.) I added tough intervals for the last 5 minutes.  How nice am I??  I let the class work even harder cuz they earned it!   😉   It seemed like a good idea to me.

Totally Toned at 12 noon.  I was not a participant today.  It was still a good class.  I think.   😉  ( I was/am sore Sunday and today from being a participant on Friday though.  )

I had big plans of having Amara record my Friday’s Totally Toned for you, but the rain made that hard to do.  I like using my backyard as my training studio rather than my small living room.   And that would mean I would have to pick up all the toys.  No thanks.

I never did reassess my goals from my epic fail for training last week.  There was no need.  Boo hoo.

This week’s agenda:

Monday:  Spin/core

Tuesday:  brick in the AM and run in the PM

Wednesday:  Spin and PiYo

Thursday: road bike and cross train/lift?

Friday:  Spin/ stretch

Saturday:  Duathlon? 🙂

On tap for Tuesday:  Look up!

Big plans this week?


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