Friday- I worked out today. Twice. Go me.

Friday~ So I guess I didn’t forget how to exercise!      😉

I taught Totally Toned today.  I said I taught Totally Toned today!  I actually participated!  I figured since I am a slacker there were only 2 ladies that I could not use the old ” I’m checking form” excuse.  ( I totally check form though, really).

Today’s class has a Core Concentration.  So that is what we did.  CORE GALORE.

We did this little number 5x throughout class:

10 reps using a stability ball–


touch backs

pelvic lifts

forearm plank hold on ball

We did the above core first and then moved on to:

10 reps

Off set lunges

dead lift to high pull

off set push ups


10 reps

lunge hold + “running” hammer curls + 10 lunge pulses

seated alt. shoulder press (tempo paced)

alt. chest press (tempo paced)


repeat everything 1 more time!

Ok, so I did most of the workout.  I did all of the above and part of what we did next:

hip circles ( I did these!)

lower back series (nope)

stretch ( I did this!)

It felt good to do something organized again.  Shame on me!


After class I actually made my way to the gym.  I know.  I did.  After wasting time talking for about 15 minutes I made my way up the steps to do a HIIT workout on the elliptical.  I planned on warming up for 3-5 minutes, but it was happily extended when I chatted with some friends!  My warm up was about 10 minutes long.  The HITT was 15 seconds hard 15 seconds easy ( I just stopped or slowed down- I find that easier than switching the levels for only 15 seconds)

Resistance /Ramp Height

  1. 10/10
  2. 10/10
  3. 11/11
  4. 10/10
  5. 11/11
  6. 11/11
  7. 12/12

I then did some steady state for a whopping 3 minutes with letting my HR stay above 150 ( It was 165-169 during the HIIT intervals) and I cooled down for about 2 minutes…I let my HR get below 130 and then I was done!  My workout today was about 22-23 minutes long.

I hope to vlog this  (Totally Toned) routine for you this weekend.  My camera person is too busy watching My Little Pony at the moment and cannot be bothered.

I am feeling a bit back to myself now.  I always get all weird anxious   when Matt is out-of-town for whatever reason.  He was gone for work obligations for 2 nights.  When he is away I like to keep busy with lots of pastries and pizza ( for breakfast?  Count me in!).  It’s just what I do.  Just keepin’ it real!  I act normal around the kids.  Well, maybe not, I am a lot nicer to them when I am anxious.  Knowing that Matt would be back today put my mind at ease and I was able to function as the normally awesome mean mom that I usually am.  Kids beware- your mommy is back, now go to your rooms!!!  😉  I am fine when he is out-of-town and the kids are with him.  Not sure what that means, but whatever.  It does not happen a lot so let’s all be thankful for that!

On tap for Saturday: Running!!

What makes you act weird?




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