Me and my slacker ways! At least my kid is cool.

Wednesday~ Spin class. It was a tough one I think. Strength intervals. Lots of progressive hills climbs going on.  I had a hectic morning and got to the gym late.  I was not late, but I don’t like to hurry into the spin studio to do what I gots ta do.  It makes me feel frazzled.  Next was PiYo.  Pilates and Yoga fusion.  Today was not as hard as usual.  I think it’s mainly because I did not workout or lift this week so my arms were not all fatigued!  It was still a challenge, but not the usual struggle.  That was my Wednesday.

I picked out my own outfit! The Beebs T shirt and a scarf..perfect combo for playing at the park!!

Finally! Amara got a hackle feather ( much to Matt's dismay....) I mean our basement is full of them!

Onto today (Thursday)~  Day off.  Oops.  I will tell you why I don’t care tomorrow.  The kids and I slept in until 8:30 am.  I could get used to this!!  For 2 days in a row Miles has crawled into bed with me at around 6:30 am and falls right asleep until after 8! We all lazed in our PJ’s until almost 11 or was it noon??  I forget.  I packed their lunches and we headed out on some errands ( Miles still wants to know who Erran is and where is his house?!?!).  The kids ate their lunches in the car; which is somehow way better than at the table even though they eat the same stuff minus the ranch dressing for Amara’s carrots….so anyways.  After lunch we went to a playground to play (duh).  I actually wished I had worn workout clothes.  The playground had some nice grassy hills and even a grassy track ( just a soccer field), but I could have done something.  I just sat and the swings and swung.   After about 45 minutes we headed to the Farmer’s Market at the Downtown YMCA.  Today’s featured veggie was kale!!  I bought 2 bunches.  OMG –it  only cost me about $2.50, but it is way too much.  I made a lot for dinner tonight and will probably make some for lunch ( crispy kale) tomorrow too, but what to do with the rest????  I snagged a recipe called Pasta with Greens so I might try that too, but this stuff won’t last forever and I can’t stand it in my green smoothies ( too strong!!).  I HATE throwing food away so I best figure this out! I also bought a pint of cherries.  Miles and I will knock those out by breakfast! (if I share)

Ginormous bag of kale

Miles fell in hummus today. He dipped his crackers into his hand...

After a dinner of crispy kale, turkey dogs( nitrate free), carrots and green beans.  I  only ate a super big portion of the crispy kale for dinner ( I know, totally filling).  I don’t do hot dogs – turkey or not.  Gross.    I thought about going to the gym to get my sweat on, but soon changed my mind.  I took the kids to Walgreen’s to pick out a dessert.  🙂   It’s summer!  Miles choose Chewy Spree’s and Amara picked Mamba.



On tap for Friday:  Totally Toned    🙂   Maybe more, probably not.

Do you like kale?  Yes, baked!!

Any recipes you want to share?  I will share mine soon!  🙂

*Just a quick blurb on what’s going on in my home town of Grand Rapids Mi.

As we tried to get to our home after the farmer’s market we were met with a road block.  Cops everywhere.  There was an incident literally 45 seconds from my doorstep.  3 people shot and killed including an 10-year-old child.  There are more details, but that would take me forever.

We got home and stayed locked in not knowing the situation.  I wanted to watch it on TV, but I was trying to shield Amara from the news – she heard bits and pieces, but never said anything until bedtime.  She broke down in tears telling me she was scared the man was going to come to our house.  I tried to reassure her that the police had it under control etc. and that we were safe.  She was not so sure.  I told her to wait while I watched the news for a few minutes to update her.  The news mentioned that possibly the suspect was bi polar and was not on his medicine.  I never thought I would/could explain what that disease is to a 7-year-old, but I did.  She immediately started to cry and says to me, ” I feel bad for him.  He forgot to take his medicine.  I hope he does not get arrested and get sent to jail.  He did not mean to do it.  I hope he’s OK.”  She also said she was not afraid anymore.  She fell fast asleep soon after………..

I love my kid.  I really don’t know what else to say about her.  My heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragic situation.  It has been going on for about 7 hours and it not over yet.

3 thoughts on “Me and my slacker ways! At least my kid is cool.

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  2. Scary situation…sounds like your little girl is a sweetie!! I think you totally explained the situation as well as it could be explained. As far as the kale goes, have you tried kale chips? I just made some today…a good way to use it up when you have too much, and I bet the kids would like it too.

    • Thanks! We LOVE kale chips! They barely make it out of the oven! I am happy and shocked that they love them as much as they do. I think they taste great! 🙂

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