Monday – Spin ( Tabata Style) and core.

Monday~  Just because it’s a holiday does not mean you can’t be active!  Today was the perfect day to get out and DO SOMETHING!  So, maybe I HAD to teach spin, but still.  I think  I would have done something regardless.  Probably.

I started the morning with a 10 minute session of foam rolling.  My quads and IT band are a mess ( still).  I am getting better at making time to roll before I do my cardio ( the way it should be).   After that I headed out for a short and sweet 3 mile shake out run.  Never mind that “shakeout” runs are normally done the day after the Big Event! I did not have the time or energy to do much of any type of exercise on Sunday.  As a family we did take an hour walk by The Grand River and I guess I did race Miles a few times ( I totally won).   😉

So my 3 mile run this morning.  I was striving to be in recovery mode ( low heart rate etc.)

with a 10 min. mile pace.  This is what it actually looked like:

Mile 1~ 10:02

Mile 2~ 10:37

Mile 3~ 9:40

My average HR was 151.  A bit over recovery I think, but it might be because I took a hit off my inhaler right before I left?  I did not feel winded at all so I will chalk it up to my drugs!  🙂

And of course, since I was about to run over my goal time I had to pick up the pace during the last .25 of my mile – uphill!  Dang.

A few hours later I taught a 60 minute power spin class.  I had the bright idea of throwing in a few Tabata intervals in class today.  Tabata = 20 seconds of “all out” intensity followed by 10 seconds of recovery.  you are to do this for 8 intervals equaling 4 minutes.  We did 4 sets today.  It seemed like a great idea last night as I came up with it.  Not so sure today.  It was hard.  Tabata style is great for fat burning and overall calorie burn in general.  It might explain why I had a nice 600 calorie burn in class today.  I think I saw the fat falling off…not really, and that would be gross.  Matt came to class today too.  It’s been over a year and that was how I welcomed him back!  😉

A few hours after that I did some core work. It was only about 10 -12 minutes worth , but that is all I could take.  Note to self : work on your core.  It is weak.

I also foam rolled for another 10 minutes after core.

We are headed out to watch some fireworks.  It will be Miles’ first year going.  Last year he and I sat on my bed eating Hot Tamales until all the racket stopped!  We will see how it goes though.  🙂

~~~***Happy 4th of July! ***~~~

The last time I ventured out to see fireworks-- 2007. I was "with child" (Miles)




On tap for Tuesday:  Bike, kettlebells, run



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