T Rex 10 mile Trail Race

T Rex 10 Mile Trial Run.

Fun times.  Kind of.  I have only done this race once before yesterday.  I think it’s sort of like child-birth, you somehow forget about the pain and can’t wait to do it again.  In this case I forgot about all the hills and how hot it really is at 9am in July!  FYI:  It was hilly and it was hot.

I had to arrive early to register.  I was playing it by ear before I signed up.  I was not sure if I would be able to breathe before the race even started, but by 9 pm Friday night I was sure I would run it.  I hitched a ride with my friends and Run Gr members T.J. and Scott.  The event is about 25 minutes away and I am always one to be driven around.  We all rode together last year too so I guess it’s a tradition now. 🙂

We had a good hour or more to kill before the actual race began.  This race is only $25 which makes it an awesome deal.  There is no race expo ( who cares?).  You also get to choose your T- shirt.  It’s more of a first come first serve kind of deal, but still; they had 3 to 4 styles to choose from so I was able to get a different style than last years.  There is also an 8k race offered.  But beware, it’s called the Wimpy 8k for those that are too scared to do the 10 mile!  They even sound off a loud bell whenever someone signed up for the 8k to let everyone know who the wimps are!  Funny, if ya ask me.

There is also no chip time.  They do it the old-fashioned way– with a stop watch!  The race is relatively small so it is pretty easy to get your time when you cross the finish line too.  Thanks to all of the volunteers!

I had some low expectations  for this race.  I planned on treating it as more of a training run then anything else.  I did wear my Garmin, but it was more to monitor my heart rate and wished I actually had no idea what my pace was.  I was not a slave to my watch though so I think that helped me in a big way as well.  I took a shot of steroids my inhaler at 6 am and then again at 8:45 am.

We all just line up at the start and then we GO!

Miles 1,2,3~ (10:48, 10:26,12:35)  Ha!  We start on  grass from the get go.  My max HR during this 3 miles was 170!  I know.  Those are not training run stats! I decided here ( probably the first hill climb during mile 2) that i would try to pace myself to not go under 160 beats per minute for too long and for sure not over 170.  oh yea, my breathing.  It was tight, but I think ( since I am a doctor) that it had more to do with humidity and allergies than with vocal cord crap.  Yay!

Miles 4, 5, 6~ (12:07, 12:54, 13:53)  Haha!!  🙂  Love this.  It was around mile 5.65 that T Rex hill was ascended.  I walked up it.  As did the other 5 people I was trying to keep up with.  Max HR avg. during this 3 miles was 170.  My avg was 162 though.  I think that miles 6 – 7.5 are the worst in this race. I walked.  A lot.  There were a lot of rolling trenches hills here. Some really big, deep scary pits of fire.  Even though I did not consider myself “racing” this race I still had a few things on my mind here.  I tried to keep a few women in my sights to try to get them at the end.  Well, only the ones that were probably in my age group.  😉  I also did not want to get passed by anyone in my age group.  I was on the verge of a vocal cord dysfunction episode here, but it passed.  It never happened!

Miles 7, 8, 9 (12:37, 10:24,10:31)  What goes up, must come down.  There were some downhills here.  I was forced t pick up my pace during these or fall on my face!   I experienced de’ ja vu here as well.  Last year around the 8.5 mile mark I ran with an older female.  She was very encouraging and we talked for a bit.  I think I saw her again.  In the same spot.  I don’t think she remembered me, but she was still encouraging to me this time around.  For the most part….  she was not doing so well and told me she had “old lady cramps” in her calves.  She then told me to be relieved I was as young as I am, but to be warned that it “ain’t fun getting old!”  Umm, ok lady!  😉   During mile 9.5 or so I only passed 1 lady.  She appeared to be my age group ( which by the way was ages 33-36).  I was pretty much alone the rest of the way.

Mile 10~ (10:34)  We end on a nice incline of course!  I tried to just run it in easy, but people are watching so you know, you have to finish strong!   😉   My friends were thinking something was wrong with me too, due to my finish time.  Thanks guys, but I was fine!

Final Time: 1:57:12

4th in my age group!    🙂


I really do like this race.  It is so challenging.  I love that.  I hope that next year my lungs, vocal cords and fitness will be where they need to be so I can race it!  The Old Farts Running Club put on a great race.

This year the race SWAG ( Stuff We All Get –did you know that is what SWAG meant?!?!) included a full-sized towel and a t-shirt.  A medal for 1st place finishers and a salt or pepper shaker for those that came in 2-5th place in their age group.  AND, only until they ran out of the shakers…funny.  I got mine!    😉

"The Old Legs Just ran Out Of Pepper"

Pepper Shaker

Old Farts Running Club

The Towel!

T Rex Tee!



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