Happy July!  Time flies.  Summer is practically over!   😉

Well, last night’s Mat Kearney concert was awesome.  Unfortunately ( for him), he did not stick around at the end so he was unable to get his picture taken with me as tradition goes.  Dang.

Today will be an off day.  Besides that I drank 3 whole beers last night ( 2 too many) I am still planning on racing running a 10 mile trail race in the morning.  Might as well run it on fresh legs.

It’s been a very rainy, humid, breezy, sometimes cold day here in West Michigan.  Totally abnormal for these parts.   There is no telling what the weather will be in the morning.  So far the forecast says a 40% chance of rain with scattered storms and high humidity.  Usually this would not bother  me.  I actually used to looooove running in hot weather.  Really.  But, now since I am old my breathing issues it’s one of the worst things for me.  With that being said, I will just get up in the morning and see how it goes.  I might run the race and I might not.  That is that.  🙂

* side note..my allergy meds are on the loose.  The doc’s office sent them to the wrong pharmacy and they have been hanging out there ( unbeknown to me) since June 28th.  Duh.  So, I am now in the process of trying to have them transferred to a pharmacy closer to my house and not 30 + minutes away.  If I have to call 1 one person I will just drive the 30 minutes…so annoyed.

Goals for this week status:

Run 3x ( mon, tues, thurs)  ( 2x only)

Bike 2 times ( tues/thurs) (1x only)

Brick 1x ( thurs) ( NO!   😦  )

Weight train 1x (Mon and wed.) ( DONE!)

Flexibility/core 2x ( Mon/Wed)   ( MON/WED)
Foam Roll ( what is that again?!?!) 3x or more.  ( More than 3x)

Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I will come up with a new set of goals for the week on Sunday.


June  Stats:

Run Miles: 54.5

Bike Miles: 46.09

Goals for July:

Run at least 75 miles

Bike at least 75 miles

Races in July:

July 2~ T-Rex 10 mile trail race

July 16- Tri Del Sol Duathlon 2 mile run/18 mile bike/4.5 mile run 

July 30- Warrior Dash

We will see how all this plays out! 🙂

On tap for Saturday: T Rex 10 miler


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