Thursday~  No brick this morning! 😦  I am out of my allergy meds and can’t breathe very well… I did not run and bike.  Phooey!  Luckily, Matt located 3 of my pills, but it has not really kicked in as much as I need it to.

I did teach spin at noon though.  My nose was stuffy/runny and all kinds of stuff was going on in my throat.  Awesome!  I got through it though, no big deal.  I hope I am race ready by Saturday though.  I have a 10 mile fun trail run to try and get through.  If I wake up and can’t really breath all that well, what’s the point?!?!  Good thing I have not registered for it yet.  Sometimes it pays to be a chronic procrastinator!

Matt and I are going to see Matt Kearney tonight!  We always stalk go see him when he comes to town with our former neighbors.  It will be good to see them too.

Pics of Reed’s Lake 5k.







Pics of kids trying to be like me ( uh oh)- look at their noses and ears!  😉


Pics of Miles, well, being  Miles.



On tap for Friday:  No idea.

Any fun activities planned for this long weekend?  I get to teach on the 4th!  😉



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