Biking, running and new shoeing

Tuesday AM~ I started my morning with a nice 7 mile bike ride. I would spit out the stats, but my Garmin froze and then erased my workout. Crap! Oh well, I went 7 miles in about 45 minutes. I did do a few intervals this time because the terrain was nice and flat.  That’s all I got.  I know that some of my miles were somewhat fast for me.  I swear.   🙂

Tuesday PM~ Running!  It seems like forever since I have done some speed work.  It’s only been 2 weeks, but still.  The usual 2 mile warm up followed by dynamic stretching  .  On the schedule today we were to do 400’s at repetition pace.  My pace was based on my current fitness level ( crap!!)  I was to do my 400’s at a 1:50 ish pace.  * so depressing…in high school ( yea yea like 80 years ago) I was running 400’s at 58 seconds.*  Anyways…..

Here is my Garmin report (it works again, but I had the HR monitor shut off…of course)

I tried to use the lap split function.  For the most part I was successful.  I ran all of my 400’s at faster than 1:50 pace.  Just because I guess.  Actually, I was trying to push myself into a vocal cord malfunction or even an asthma attack.  For real.  I only planned on doing 4 or 6 400’s too, but once I got to 6 I still felt good, so why not.  I felt that I was close to having (vocal) breathing issues during the last 3 sprints, but I never got there.  I have no idea why.  I am glad, but who the heck knows!?!?  We also had a New Balance rep with us at the track.  We were able to test out shoes.  How cool is that?!?!  Very.

I tried on two pair.  The first was the New Balance Minimus Road.  Here is the description from the website: 

Minimus is a whole new approach to footwear, inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks. The Minimus Road running shoe is engineered for use on pavement and other varied running surfaces. Supremely comfortable and extremely lightweight, the WR10 is taking the running world by storm.

I have never tried on a minimalist shoe before so this was an experience!  They were super light and low to the ground.  It’s hard to explain until you have actually put on a pair.  I felt as if my foot was not supported a lot, not in a bad way, just in a way I have never known.  I felt super fast in them as well, so that’ a plus!   I was not too excited by how they look though.  And, not this would not make or break it for me.  I’m just sayin’……

New Balance 1400 words of wisdom from the website:

Here’s the performance shoe to help you break your personal record! Inspired by the best-selling and innovative 890 running trainer, the New Balance 1400 race day road flat features a REVlite midsole and welded upper for an ultralight running experience. The sole offers full ground contact and a secure grip on slick surfaces, providing the stability and confidence you need for maximum speed.

I tried these baby’s on next.  They were so light!  And obviously they are sweet looking! I felt better in these shoes too due to how cute they are the support as compared to the minimalist shoe.  I normally wear an 8.5 in my running shoes ( loyal to Mizuno for the past 3 years) and these 8.5’s felt a bit big in the toe box.  I did not try a size down so there is no telling if it’s just not the shoe for me.  I felt faster in these too; probably because of the support it gave me – it made me feel more comfortable.

Thanks to Mr. Pickle for allowing RunGR to try these on before they hit the store shelves!  I am pretty sure the shoes were the only reason I did 8 sprints instead of 4 – 6! 😉

Wednesday AM~  Muscle & Movement at 6 am.  Class was good this morning.  I was sure to end class on time this week too.  We did a lot of compound moves (Compound exercises in weight training are those that involve more than one joint and muscle group) today.  Lunge with a rotation, plie squats with biceps curl, triceps press with abs and a killer push up/plank combo too.  I think we hit every body part including our toes.

Spin at 10.  Race Day!  I think since I announce when Race Day will be held some people don’t show up!  😉  Oh well, it was a good race today(pretty sure I won).  It was a repeating loop interval.  I changed up the difficulty of the climbs each time and peppered in some sprints here and there to up the challenge.  It challenged me, so I hope the class felt the same way.

PiYo at 11.  Today’s class had me sweaty.  It was a tough one. I don’t think we have done this particular class yet.  It was a goodie.  Lots and lots of core based pilates as well as some great leg stretches.

I think I am done for the day with exercise.  Finally!     🙂

On tap for Thursday:  Brick in the morning and teaching spin at noon.


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