Sunday Funday

Sunday~ Day on!  Bout time……  Today was a beautiful day.  I would have been a fool not to do something outside.  After a morning of cleaning and yelling and giving dirty looks at the kids ( don’t ask, but they deserved it). I was able to decompress with a nice bike ride.  I knew I had to get some miles in and hoped to get in 20 today.  I was not sure where to go either.  Should I leave from home and hit Riverside Park trail?  Or pack the bike up and go to Reed’s Lake for a few (5) loops?  Or, should I pack up and head out to the hellish hills of Ada?  Dangit.  I chose option 3 (HILLS!) for some stupid strange reason.  It’s a good thing I carb loaded all weekend long.  By carb load I should clarify.  Andi’s husband made the best cinnamon/caramel rolls in the world.  He gave us lots and by us I mean me.  I shared a few of them, but not many.  Honestly.  I ate a lot.

Thanks for getting me up the hells, I mean hills.

The first incline started as soon as I did.  The hill is steep from the get go and at least .5 miles long.  I almost got back in the car and drove to a less scary intimidating route.  But, I had a time limit so I had to stay. If my USB drive worked at all I would tell you my splits, but it doesn’t so I will tell you that I was super fast!  Ok, not really.  The first 10 miles out was painfully slow.  I know that the hills would slow me down, but come on.  On the way back I know I had to be a lot faster.  It just takes me a while to warm up I guess.  I am not so worried about my speed actually.  I think that cycling and running are kind of the same.  By the same I mean different.  No, just kidding.  I mean that, for example, when you train for a marathon you don’t ( well I don’t that is fo sho) run your 20 miler at anything too close to race pace. It’s more about getting the time in on the road.  You need to prepare your body and mind for the long haul.  I would bet ($1) that the same goes for cycle endurance training.  *So it took me 1:35* to bike 20 miles.  I was not racing.  That will come in 3 weeks and I would bet ($7) that it won’t take me nearly as long to cover that same distance.  It better not. 🙂

A few times on my ride today I started to trek up some driveways.  Oooops!  The paved trail is right along a bunch of front yards of beautiful mansions. I got all confused I guess.  I made it half way up (both) times before realizing I was not on in Kansas the path anymore!

I had no vocal cord issues.  I don’t think I had any asthma/allergy issues either.  My breathing may or not not have been labored due to the hills, but ya never know.  It was not cause for alarm.  All in all it was a great ride even though I was my myself.  Andi was too busy wining her her age group in a duathlon. 🙂

On tap for Monday: short run, spin and weights.




* USB decided to work for me!   Look at the hills.  I told ya!   🙂


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